But then that’s how new tools are always used. The very definition of establishment is those who control the current structures of society. Any monopoly will, as economists insist, eventually be overturned by technological change. It’s not paranoia to insist that the vast majority of the US media was anti-Trump. Heck, most of the Republican Party was.

I used to be a press officer for Ukip and the very idea of leaving the EU was some fringe interest shared only by my fellow “fruitcakes and loonies”. It certainly wasn’t something to be allowed into the polite conversation of the mainstream media, as my working day repeatedly reminded me.

Those with the more conventional views are right to be worried about social media in this political sense, for that’s exactly where the next irruptions against convention are going to come from – precisely because of the manner in which the unconventional faces the gatekeepers.

2 thoughts on “Elsewhere”

  1. Is it my imagination or has the number of online trolls (Russian or otherwise) increased exponentially this past 2-3 weeks? As with RT television network, however, restricting access to a plurality of messages only works against us. Ban an arsehole today, and tomorrow it will be you and me. Let’s face it, the irritation of Rabid Remainers and Rascally Ruskies are as nothing compared to having Theresa and Amber – or worse, Yvette and Stella – determine our gatekeepers.

  2. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act may disrupt all this. Social media giants are immune from liability for what is published on their sites. They are not responsible for content.

    When they start to engage in wholesale editing, they will be selecting content. The basis of their immunity will end. Their best move is to STFU.

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