It’s not a great surprise to find that I differ, as do most economists, with Trump on the benefits of trade and what constitutes winning at it. But to find that the president differs with reality is another thing, and a rather more worrying thing at that.

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  1. I’m working in the Middle East, paid in US $ which I convert to pounds and send home – yes I’m an economic migrant.

    Sadly the pound is strengthening against the greenback.

  2. Thing is, an economist will see an increase in total wealth at the cost of impoverishing 10% of the population as good policy. People who have to answer to that 10% probably don’t.

  3. This seems to be Trump’s MO. Remember how he handled the Amazon / Post Office issue? First he railled against Amazon, calling them all the names under the sun for allegedly ripping off the USPO. All the clever people pointed out that no, it wasn’t Amazon’s fault, it was the USPO’s fault for charging too little, and that Trump had the power to change that. That gave Trump carte blanche to attack the USPO, who are now defenceless.

    In this week’s situation, he’ll bash the “currency manipulators”; everyone will point out that the problem is something else, and then he’ll be free to attack whatever the other thing is. Only I’m not entirely sure what that thing might be. Too many U.S. government bonds being issued? Or too few?

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