Guess who said this?

Amber Rudd has resigned as Home Secretary.

I have been tweeting about her conduct for the last few days.

You can just hear the “because” floating around in there, can’t you?

8 thoughts on “Guess who said this?”

  1. More hubris….

    Richard Murphy says:
    April 27 2018 at 4:43 pm
    I know Nick well

    You will see me thanked in the open line or two of Treasure Islands

    I buy Nick’s thesis: it is one I helped develop and my own books develop it again – especially ‘Dirty Secrets’

  2. The Meissen Bison

    I have been tweeting about her conduct for the last few days.

    The lesson Lord Ashcroft taught Capt. P is that it’s safest to kick dogs when they’re down.

  3. He’s signed a letter in the Guardian saying tax havens are bad because they deprive governments of tax needed for public services. Which he has previously said wasn’t necessary for public services.

    It’s now pointed out to him his own inconsistencies – he is backpedalling like mad, in ‘stop wasting my time’ mode. Hahaha.

  4. As the news of Steiner’s failed counter-attack was the final nail in the coffin for Hitler, removing his last fevered hopes, so must have the note passed to Rudd that The Spud was thundering against her in a pudgy fist thumping, righteous fury. At that point she must have realised the game was up, once everyone had translated the spelling mistakes and got down to “sixthly…” on the list.

  5. Rudd was the third in a line of shite-useless vagina-equipped Home Sex (sic) and someone should send Murphy a note of thanks.

    When one of us can stop laughing at his pretentious tripe.

  6. ‘I see unlike Amber Rudd, Richard Murphy has chosen not to resign his position at City University

    I have been tweeting about his conduct for nigh on six years, although a number of other concerned observers have been following his activities even longer.

    Unfortunately he has blocked over 50,000 critics on Twitter as he is unable to accept scrutiny of either his opinions or his published works by people more informed than him.

    Will the university bow to public pressure and invite him to consider his position?’

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