Let’s hope so, eh?

Will Brexit mean a ‘race for the bottom for tax’?
Posted on April 18 2018

4 thoughts on “Let’s hope so, eh?”

  1. The evidence doesn’t look promising. The UK’s overall tax rate has fallen since joining the EEC in 1973. And Scotland’s slow walk away from the Union has resulted in higher taxes north of the border; not lower.

  2. Leaving the ESpew is just the first step.

    We still have to beat our own political and bureaucratic scum.

    The fight is only just beginning.

  3. “I just got a pay rise” squeaks some spotty entitled teenager in the advert about the increase in the National Minimum Wage.

    Maybe, but you didn’t fucking earn one, did you?

  4. Andrew C – the spotty teenage got a pay rise, as did millions of others. For the staff my wife works with it was a 4.4% increase.
    She’s looking at zero increase this year – the staff she works with are agency staff on minimum wage, she’s on slightly higher salary that’s now just 36p above minimum wage with the prospect of no pay rise this year.
    And next year she’ll likely be on minimum wage. Its a wage growing faster than many non NMW jobs.

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