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Worstall sums up the situation by saying “in mining, there are just two things: dirt and ore. Your back garden contains dirt, because it would cost more to extract the rare earths from it then you would make selling them on. The moment it costs less to extract those rare earths, that dirt becomes ore. But what have the Japanese have found? At the moment, it’s still dirt.”

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  1. Just tried creating a username and password at CT. Didn’t work, for reasons I can’t be bothered to recall or to try to explain.

    Sorry, but it was just one of those WTF is going on experiences. Plainly others have succeeded. It didn’t work for me.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    This is a nice distinction valuable in all sorts of aspects of life. Someone has a job, you naturally ask how much it pays. If they tell you, then they have ore. If they say it doesn’t pay much but they do it because the community needs them, then they have dirt.

    Art? If someone pays you millions, it is valuable. If you are doing it in your parents’ basement, it is sh!t.

    It may not always be true, but it is true enough

  3. Possibly, M’learned Mr Lud, you already have an account open at WordPress with the same e-mail address. Had problems with that, myself. Required remembering the p/w I’d used & then finding out how to change display name & getting it to use an updated gravitar image.

  4. Love to know what happened to the one used to display here. Disappeaed one day, never to return.

  5. That notwithstanding, it’s really good to see proper ideas about economics spreading in such mainstream places as The Verge (which I know lots of lefty techies of my acquaintance will be reading).

  6. Timmy

    You’re getting bitcoin scam advertised over on ConTel which is not a great look.

    This sort of thing (the link is just an archived screenshot so should be safe):

    For connoisseurs of the genre this one’s a good’un – I like how a slightly angry-looking Martin “Money-Saving” Lewis sitting on the comfy Good Morning Britain sofa has been captioned with “ITV News: They hate me for investing in bitcoin trading” and his verified twitter account apparently announcing “You’re right Britain! I have absolutely NOT endorsed Bitcoin Trading… Until NOW! This is for early adopters only!” The poor (or alternatively, rather rich) man’s had his face plastered over hundreds of these scams but this one has had some effort put in and really does look like a page in the Mirror.

    These are possibly more irritating than the proliferation of acai berry scamvertisements from a couple of years back. Apparently that scheme was masterminded by a professor at a Spanish business school. I dread to think who’s running these ones.

  7. Should be gone already. We’re back to Google ads – and they don’t take crypto ones any more.

  8. Cheers Tim.

    Somewhat ironic that if you want to establish which celebs are the “most trusted”, look ay whose face is used to advertise the most blatant scams…

    Guido put a ConTel link to your agony aunt piece on his sidebar so I can see you’re getting a bit of exposure. Hope the visitor numbers are tending the right way for you.

  9. Someone has a job, you naturally ask how much it pays. If they tell you, then they have ore. If they say it doesn’t pay much but they do it because the community needs them, then they have dirt.

    Yes, the world has changed, but some of us still stick to the Old Testament, which means using a rotary telephone, allowing women to enter and exit first when using a lift, resisting the urge to drop one’s trousers in front of a lady unless asked by her to do so, refusing to give gender-neutral names to grandchildren, and refraining from offering insights into one’s character and one’s bank balance to strangers.

    Thank goodness for Taki.

  10. Bloke in Costa Rica

    All I know is languid centaurs praise Ned’s promise of small European garden tubs. Dinosaurs hobble erratically, thrumming yellow lutes.

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