The Senior Lecturer’s arguing with accounting identities now

And for the sake of the record (and getting back to the theme of national income accounting that has bugged my blogging this weekend) S ≠ I. which means savings do not equal investment in any shape or form.


Accounting Identity: Saving Equals Investment
A fundamental macroeconomic accounting identity is that
saving equals investment.
By definition, saving is income minus spending.
Investment refers to physical investment, not financial
That saving equals investment follows from the national
income equals national product identity.

8 thoughts on “The Senior Lecturer’s arguing with accounting identities now”

  1. It is far easier to consider saving and investing as two quite separate concepts.

    ‘Saving’ is individuals or households spreading consumption more evenly over a lifetime, so in the good years they spend less than they earn.

    ‘Investing’ is businesses adding to the total productive capacity.

    There is lots of overlaps and lacunas and things which are neither.

    Individuals buying shares off other individuals neither investing nor saving. This does not add to productive capacity.

    Some businesses build up big cash piles, this is more akin to ‘saving’ than ‘investing’.

    And some individuals’ savings are merely matched by other individuals’ debts. So there is saving on the one side, but the other side is not ‘investing’, it is dis-saving.

    And so on.

  2. And some individuals or households spend money on adding to their own productive capacity – buying a washing machine instead of doing it by hand, or paying for vocational training.

    This is of course investing, paid for out of ‘savings’ or by dis-saving (spending spare cash on a washing machine or a training course).

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