There’s something wrong with this world

Sometimes I feel like a lone wolf too. At the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, the other six creative writing professors are men; then there’s me.

7 professors of creative writing?

22 thoughts on “There’s something wrong with this world”

  1. I would note this is the debased American usage of Professor which, alas is beginning to displace the traditional British one even at decent universities.

  2. I generally find American “journalism” rather grating in long pieces like this, but this seems particularly badly written.

    There’s a message that is being forced down the reader’s throat, but the writing is so bad none of it sounds at all real

  3. 7 creative writing professors… Painful, isn’t it. In their defence, however, there’s a good reason why our publishers want Man Booker to drop American writers from the competition.

  4. And to think there will be other places where just one person is a professor of creative writing.

  5. I really do wish someone can come up with an ad blocker that pretends to the websites that its turned off when in actual fact its turned on. I would be able to read a lot more of Tim’s links.

  6. Now this is a vald excuse, to slash the educatio budget. Just fire these so-called Professors! On the other hand: If you want to block ads, the Privacy Proxy may be your frend (License: GPL).

  7. Gasman: I generally find American “journalism” rather grating in long pieces like this, but this seems particularly badly written.

    It’s *creative* writing. No-one ever stated it actually has to be *good* writing. That’s the alpha and omega of that particular perversion..

  8. This is what happens to all those mediocre arts graduates who have no merit as writers but have impeccable leftist credentials. More activists on the payroll, more indoctrinators at work.

  9. What’s that phenomenon where you haven’t heard of something for the whole of your life then two instances arrive very close together?
    OshKosh? Yesterday was learning about the humvee replacement and thought that’s a wierd name. Looked into it and found out the company was named after the town (like Bedford i suppose).

  10. “7 professors of creative writing?”

    Easily explained.

    At UW-Oshosh b’gosh, “creative “writing” also includes political science and journalism.

  11. The Meissen Bison

    Hector – sorry about your feelz but it may have been a mistake to let Don Martin take your picture.

  12. “Is this login/password crap at Contins an April Fool Tim?”

    It’s still there today, Ecks. Bit of an obstacle for some people, I’d think.

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