Well done here, well done

High-profile gay rights lawyer sets himself alight in New York park in suicide protest against fossil fuels

Neatly proving the value of fossil fuels while protesting against them.

19 thoughts on “Well done here, well done”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Once more we see how well adjusted the dysfunctional are.

    Homosexuality is not a mental disease? Great role models for our children?

    Yeah. Right.

  2. Just proves what I’ve often said, greenies have a calorific value if know other value, we should be burning the lot of them in furnaces to generate electricity.

  3. Ah but setting oneself on fire is such a huge symbol that it is bound to achieved great things and so the sacrifice is worth it.

    Remember that monk who did it? Protesting about the Vietnam war. Or was it the occupation of Tibet? Something or other. Probably had a huge impact.

    Same with this lawyer. His sacrifice to protest in favour of a more sympathetic attitude to immigration will never be forgotten.

  4. Be happy. This nutjob only set himself on fire rather than opening fire on a bunch of innocent people.

    He is, indeed, a role model for the mentally deranged of our tires.

  5. A lawyer and an eco-freak.

    Lets hope the poor silly sod ( no pun intended) finds some sort of peace on the other side.

  6. Usually people setting themselves on fire in protest at something do so in a public space. Pointless them killing themselves if no one is around to see the sacrifice.

    Bad news is there tend to be multiple injuries – people from nearby rush over and try and put the fire out and save the burning person. So ending up sometimes with 3 or 4 people with major burns to their hands and possibly nerve damage to the hands too.
    Because some selfish git tried (and usually succeeds) killing themselves in a public place.
    If going to kill themselves simply start shooting at police or attack an army base or something.

  7. “Jonathan
    Is it too soon to joke about a ‘Flaming Queen’?”

    The fire’s out, so I’d say the timing is fine.

  8. As it was against ‘Climate Change’ he’s a martyr; if it was against the EU or another Progressive cause he’d be a nutter.

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