Well part of this is true at least

Winnie Mandela was a hero. If she’d been white, there would be no debate

The no debate part. She’d have been in jail for murder. Stompie being just an example.

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  1. She’s certainly a hero to anti-white activists like Afua Hirsch. I wonder if she considers Enoch Powell, who never harmed anyone but wanted fewer ‘settlers’ in Britain, a hero.

  2. Unlike her ex husband the terrorist she merely had people murdered and beaten. Was Ted Bundy a hero? Was the leader of ISIS a hero? Was Osama bin Laden a hero?

    I’m confused about how some people treat criminals.

  3. Yeah, it took revolutionaries to overthrow apartheid. Not sure how killing other blacks helped get rid of the white man (other than eliminating your rivals in the townships).

  4. I can translate Lefty speak.

    Afua Hirsch is saying, “Death to the West.”

    One might think that suicidal, but the Left doesn’t think that far out.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    I spent 4 months in Jo’burg working on a mobile phone licence bid for a bunch of ANC/MK guys, and they were good guys. One had been on Mandela’s security detail when he was released.

    The guy who took us on a tour of Soweto had been in hiding there with a team and a plan to blow up Jo’burg railway station, but it was put on hold because secret peace talks had started. He showed us Winnie’s mansion and had north but contempt for her and other’s like her who were seen as only ion it for themselves and not prepared to make sacrifices. They had more respect for some of the whites they fought against.

    If anyone want’s a good insight in to the end of Apartheid I recommend De Klerk’s autobiography. It was the sanctions and political pressure, especially Maggie, that brought it to an end, although he knew it was never sustainable.

  6. Surely the end of apartheid was bought about by the end of the cold war.

    People forget the ANC were communist and would have liquidated the white population at KGB and Stasi direction.

    End of the cold war changed the risks calculus.

  7. ‘Our ambivalence about apartheid is the elephant in the room.’

    Many things have happened in the history of the world, none keep me awake at night.

    Because it is important to her means nothing to anyone else. But the fact is, she is a CM creep. Her only interest in apartheid is to use it as a tool to destroy the West – the West which keeps her alive.

    ‘When I debated with a renowned naval historian over his adulation of the admiral, the argument wound its way to Haiti – the only example in history of slaves successfully overthrowing their masters and establishing their own republic – and whether this was a victory for the enslaved over their oppressors (my view) or a tragedy for the plantation owners who were killed in the process (his).’

    Admiral Nelson said something bad, so the United Kingdom must go.

    Note that the Carib have no place in her narrative.

    ‘we keep failing. The death of Madikizela-Mandela is another opportunity to choose between a narrative of white supremacy and the one that overthrew it.’

    False dichotomy.

    The fact is, blacks under perform in Western societies. National Geographic tells us the concept of race has no scientific basis. Nat Geo even says we are all Africans – the “Out of Africa” schtick.

    So what is the basis of low performance of blacks in the West? Nature or nurture (or whitey, as Nat Geo suggests)?

    Nat Geo ratings of group success in the West show, in order


    Since Nat Geo says it isn’t genetic, the elephant in the room is that the key to success for blacks is to act white. I.e., differences are cultural, not genetic. Yet Afua’s prescription is to do away with the whites.

    One more note about Nat Geo. Conspicuously absent from their analysis is how well blacks do in black countries. Africans under perform in the West, but they crush Africans in Africa. Afua wants Africans in the West to be subjected to the African catastrophe. She is not a nice person.

  8. You never forget the first time you see a necklacing victim. Let’s hope Winnie is cremated in much the same way as her victims.

  9. You can throw aboriginals under blacks, Gamecock. With a small number of exceptions, they are a real waste of oxygen, wallowing in self pity, blaming Europeans who took them from the stone age to modernity for their totally dysfunctional communities where domestic violence and child sex abuse are rife. About A$44000 is spent per year on every aboriginal but many of them live in absolute squalor of their own choosing.

  10. It never ceases to amaze how people with an alleged “scientific” background claim that the gender pay gap is real merely by looking at the average earnings of males and females across the board, and then claim that it is simple coincidence that blacks are, on average, in the lower orders of every western society on earth.

  11. Well, she denied involvement in the murder, which is good enough for the writer of this vile bilge.

    She then gets the onion out with references to “little Stompie”, but honestly, a thousand “little Stompies” would not budge this woman a single millimetre.

    The Guardian celebrating murderers who murdered white people would be bad enough but at least it would be in character with the paper. Now it’s blacks murdering black children. They have the morals of a sociopath.

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