Well, yes Owen

Imagine this. The BBC appoints a prominent radical leftist, a lifelong Bennite, the chairman of the publisher of a prominent leftwing publication no less, as its flagship political presenter and interviewer. This person has made speeches in homage of Karl Marx calling for the establishment of full-blooded socialism in Britain, including a massive increase in public ownership, hiking taxes on the rich to fund a huge public investment programme, and reversing anti-union laws. They appear on our “impartial” Auntie Beeb wearing a tie emblazoned with the logo of a hardline leftist thinktank. Their BBC editor is a former Labour staffer who moves to become Jeremy Corbyn’s communications chief. They use their Twitter feed – where they have amassed hundreds of thousands of followers thanks to a platform handed to them by the BBC – to promote radical leftist causes.

This would never happen. It is unthinkable, in fact.

Paul Mason wasn’t the economics editor of Newsnight, was he? To be replaced by a drone from the TUC?

15 thoughts on “Well, yes Owen”

  1. I read this one yesterday. Owen is complaining that there is a right wing person working at the BBC and this means there a potential problem that the BBC might be biased towards the right when it comes to political reporting.

  2. ‘If the BBC is politically neutral, how does it explain Andrew Neil?’

    Wut? The hard left BBC is neutral?

    ‘He symbolises the rightwing domination of our media.’

    Wut? The media is hard left.

    ‘Yet a politics presenter as aligned to the left would not be tolerated.’

    Wut? He’s hard left himself. They’re all hard left. Not just ‘tolerated,’ required to be.

  3. Andrew Neil pointed out shortcomings in his argument on air! In front of millions of viewers! Surely a hate crime! Extra victim points because he’s gay! And his thought processes have failed to mature beyond those of an articulate thirteen year old so SEN too!

  4. Noel just under that link you can find one where Captain Potato is totally eviscerated by Kevin Hague on the subject of GERS.

  5. Never mind Mason, Andrew Marr and Peston (OK, he’s the competition) are both well left of centre.

  6. The total refusal to engage with reality is characteristic of Jones’ entire existence. The BBC’s usual output is well to the Left of the KCNA FFS. It’s a shame in some ways that he was never sent over to Syria while IS were at their peak to ‘sympathise’ with them over ‘Islamophobia’. I am hoping that the situation changes in Venezuela and he can be extradited there to face charges of abetting the current criminal regime, though…

  7. I thought that it was a description of the BBC, not a contra-example. Peston, the son of a Labour Life Peer, Andrew Marr, Jon (“fuck the Tories”) Snow etc.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    The left are always screaming about diversity and how we need it. Well, if we take them at their word that should also include ideological diversity. For every Paul Mason. Jon Snow etal we need a Tim Worstall.

  9. The BBC is still referring to Cyril Smith as a “Liberal MP” when discussing allegations of sexual abuse when he was LABOUR leader of Rochdale council.

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