About time for this again, isn’t it?

The reason being:

MAY 2018 • 5:57PM
Only four of Germany’s 128 Eurofighter aircraft are operational and ready for combat in the event of a crisis, it was claimed yesterday (WED), in revelations that will deepen pressure on Germany to live up to its defence commitments.

The remaining aircraft have been grounded by technical problems and a shortage of combat missiles, according to a report in Spiegel magazine.

23 thoughts on “About time for this again, isn’t it?”

  1. @ jgh
    Mostly Disney. Most of the other studios wouldn’t have had any executives left after a brief inspection by Herr Goebbels’ team.

  2. Re the film – it truly is one of the Great War films.
    Re the attack – sad for the victims but militarily necessary and justifiable.
    Re the modern German Air Force – that’s shocking but not totally unexpected. They have, after all, handed their defence over to the three powers, then the USA since WW2

  3. Yep and the brave men did this for a ‘Common Purpose’!! and now you can feel the ‘wind’ as the PC brigade ‘rush’ by why did the censors have to rename Guy Gibsons black labrador

  4. Maritime Barbarian, don’t mention ze vor.

    One of my godfathers, Frank Whitlock, was a tailgunner with 617 Squadron.

  5. They trained on the Ladybower Reservoir I believe. In the 40’s I knew it quite well. Nowadays it would not be allowed as the ducks might object.

  6. Fred said:
    “handed their defence over to the three powers”

    Not entirely voluntarily, to be fair (at least initially).

  7. Demetrius, there is a Lancaster flypast every year during the Dambuster memorial service. Awesome sight as it comes down the valley towards the dam wall.

  8. I’m sorry, “but the magazine claims” is thin gruel indeed.

    If you believe stuff like that, I’ve got a very handy bridge for you.

    There’s always someone who wants defence spending to increase. Even in the old USSR there were people who thought they weren’t spending enough, as they went broke on it.

    If you want defence spending to increase you can argue for it logically. Or you can issue reports that show it is in “crisis”. It never leaves crisis no matter how much you spend mind you.

  9. @Anoneumouse

    Yeah. “Nipper”. I last watched it about 5 years ago, one Saturday afternoon and ended up turning it off in sheer irritation at that.

    Wikipedia this morning tells me that it was an ITV [Uk tv channel] cut, not an “official” one. I recall, but can’t prove that other stuff was cut – smoking scenes, specifically. Although I may just be misremembering another film.

  10. @Chester Draws

    There was a report a couple of weeks – in a respectable UK newspaper – ago that less than a quarter of Kraut Tornados are operational.

    Anyone wanting more info see arrse & pprune

    Tim Collins describes Kraut Army exercises as “aggressive camping” of no training value.

  11. Johnathan Pearce

    One effect of the RAF and USAAF bombing raids was that they diverted Luftwaffe fighters from the Russian front.

    Armchair moralists get upset about area bombing but the UK had few options. The RAF guys were heroes and there’s something about that movie that moves me to tears every time.

  12. True, JP, but they did something even more important:

    They killed German fighter pilots. The Luftwaffe didn’t run out of planes or fuel, they ran out of pilots.

    I have no doubt that taking the bombs out of the planes and putting in more guns and ammo, Q-ships, would have ended the war in 1944.

    From February 1944, the Germans were losing 500 pilots a month. December ’44 – February ’45 they lost a thousand a month. By March ’45, the Luftwaffe was done. Tight fuel supplies made training replacements difficult, but Allied air supremacy made it impossible.

    My father was a B-24 pilot. He arrived England in 1945. He said he never saw a German fighter in the air. He cursed the flak, but never saw a fighter.

  13. @ Jonathan Pearce
    The armchair moralists denounce bombing Dresden but the Dam Busters didn’t bomb civilians, they bombed dams to destroy the ability of German industry to produce weapons. The guys were heroes *without* the taint that those sitting confortably at home attach to “Bomber Harris”.

  14. Pcar — most armies have training of little value. It’s why good armies dice up bad ones so quickly.

    Given Germany’s ability in the past to provide superb warriors, I’d not bet against them. I am prepare to overlook conventional “wisdom” in this regard.

    As WWII started there were lots of Frenchmen and Brits convinced their armies were top of the line and that the German obsession with small mobile tanks was silly.

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