According to The Telegraph’s countdown clock

It’s 4 hours and 29 minutes before something I’m not going to watch.

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  1. BlokeInTYorkshire

    Alternatively, somewhere between 2 years 4 hrs 29 mins & 5 years 4 hrs 29 mins for the bet to pay out…

  2. With this and the FA cup, I figure Blackpool Pleasure Beach might be marginally less crowded today. Day out for me and the kids!

  3. I plan to watch the cup final. I suspect that Mr Mourinho is slowly going bonkers so I want to look out for the symptoms.

    I expect that the best player in each side will prove to be the goalie so I didn’t expect a 5-4 thriller.

  4. Watching weddings is woman-nonsense.

    Esp when you are watching someone marry his mother. If the entire package had been shipped in by the “Big Mistake Company Unltd” from Big Mistake, Idaho via “Big Mistake” Air then it could not be more obvious that it is a Big Mistake.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    We’re in North Cornwall, Portreath at the moment if you must know, and there’s been absolutely no sign of wedding fever at all, or FA Cup fever. Not interested in either and for once Mrs BiND isn’t Interested in a Royal wedding.

    I’m off because bodyboarding if the waves build and then looking for a pub that’s showing the Wasps V Sarries game, if not it’ll have to be the radio.

    I do confess to having a bad thought about the wedding: when it was announced that Charles would walk her down the isle I did think he might as well because there’s as much chance him being her father as being Harry’s father.

  6. This is not some kind of back handed boast, but I honestly didn’t know the wedding was this weekend until a couple of days ago.

    I rarely have the patience to watch TV nowadays and the blogs I follow aren’t interested in weddings.

    I can’t remember how I found out, some kind osmosis I suppose.

  7. KevinS and BlokeinTYorkshire, you northerners are so cute with your quaint little customs. I especially love rugby league scrums, about as competitive as a Morris dance, but fractionally more entertaining.

  8. Have my DVD of “Some Like It Hot” ready to play. By the time it finishes, the witterings, vowings, and mutterings should be over.

  9. “because there’s as much chance him being her father as being Harry’s father”: oh God, that stupidity again.

  10. “I especially love rugby league scrums”: given what a fiasco union scrums have become it might be wise to stay silent on that point. When was the straight put-in rule abolished?

  11. Apparently, Madame arranged to have the event recorded from BBC America while we slept.

    I have no idea why these things are so avidly watched by so many.

  12. Ah well, I gave in: my beloved tempted me with “come and see all the lovely old Rolls Royces” and then there was no escape.

    I was well worth it for one of the funniest turns in ages. They’d imported an American god-botherer. He had one of those handsome, buttery American black voices. So far so good. But then he displayed an all-American characteristic that had us in stitches. He went on. And on. And bloody on. Wordy, yay verbose; there was no end to it. It was when he dragged in his views on sanitation that we could no longer control ourselves; we were howling with laughter. It was as if somebody had decided that we wouldn’t get to see the embarrassing uncles at the reception so we’d have the equivalent put on for our amusement in the chapel. No doubt, like the embarrassing uncle, he’s well loved. But bloody hell it was funny.

  13. Bloke in Costa Rica

    One of the benefits of timezones, it being Saturday, and my being an idle toad is that it was all over by the time I woke up.

  14. Not my cup of tea but the music was wonderful and one has to concede that the English do pomp and ceremony rather well indeed. And as others have noted, a superb comic turn by the US preacher.

  15. In the Guardian, two columnists wrote bloody great long opinion pieces about how they were going to have nothing to do with the royal wedding. Other than writing bloody great long opinion pieces about it.

  16. @Pcar

    BBC has it in full. Both a TV clip and all the words. All the words. Alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the words.

  17. Here in New Zealand we have had endless Royal Wedding chat. We spent the evening watching Netflix and just before turning the box off at 11;30 pm accidentally tuned in to see the Bible basher in full flow. There was a quick shot of Harry looking bemused and his new wife seeming to comfort him, holding his hand. I can guess she was whispering something about” Never mind dear, it wiil soon be over ” I think someone of the calibre of PG Wodehouse must have organised that part of the ceremony.

  18. So Much For Subtlety

    So we can see that Harry might be brave on the battlefield but he is gutless at home. No doubt who will be in charge in this relationship.

    Britain has a culture. It has a culture of weddings. A culture of Royal weddings even. It has a culture of Church going and preaching. But for his slut, he put all that aside to indulge her insanity. I would call it a national humiliation if I gave a damn.

  19. So far not even Spud has picked up on the fact that a medium ranking member of the Royal family will be filing a US tax return. Indeed in a few years, we will be one bad case of gastro-entiritis on a Cambridge family holiday and an untimely death for Prince Harry away from his heirs receiving UK tax free income from the Duchy of Cornwall that is taxed by Uncle Sam.

  20. @BlokeInTejas
    “I have no idea why these things are so avidly watched by so many.”
    You’d better believe it. Here we had an augmented gaggle of refugees from the favelas & barios of S.America tearfully riveted from kick-off to final whistle.

  21. @dearieme: Not until she has UK citizenship and that normally takes 5 years. At the moment the Duchess is here on a family visa with a right to remain in the UK.

  22. @dearime And in view of her age, the presprog period may be very short. Expect Dukes Dwayne and Lashawn in less than three years.

  23. “and that normally takes 5 years”. Does it, by God? I know, can Her Majesty not wangle her citizenship of one of HM’s other realms and whatnots? Use her power as Duke of Normandy to award her citizenship of Guernsey, say. Or Pitcairn: it’s still British. I’m sure Pitcairners would be thrilled to have a “Royal” as one of their own. Or the Falklands.

    Maybe a trick has been missed: instead of Duke and Duchess of Sussex they should have been appointed Lord and Lady High This’n’That of British Indian Ocean Territories. It’s full of Yanks anyway.

  24. I am a bit amused by how many people who aren’t going to watch the wedding are writing about how they are not going to watch it. What else are you not going to watch? 😉 :p

  25. I dislike the PC use of “inappropriate”, but in this context it is correct.

    The tenor of the sermon was not appropriate for a UK Royal Wedding – too raucous & domineering and lacking decorum.

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