Or third, there is the Common Weal approach, which seems to me to be the only viable option Scotland has, and which has the advantage of being based on economic reality.

Err, yes.

2 thoughts on “Ahem”

  1. Common Weal are nutters of the level that you’d normally expect even the WGCE to steer clear of. Generally, on the website at least, polite nutters.

    But the sort of British surface politeness that is actually a fragile skim over their rampant (anti-English) bigotry and Stalinist (Maoist?) callous disregard for all of humanity. Even their nominal supporters.

  2. Just wait till you discover RIC/RISE etc!
    The problem is Secession seems to be dominated by these loons. Reasonable Secessionists like Michael Fry are ignored

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