Blimey, that’s a surprise

I’d have written it slightly differently. Explaining it more. But it is refreshing to find a metals article which is actually right.

6 thoughts on “Blimey, that’s a surprise”

  1. ‘Course it’s right. I subbed it, though to be honest the writer had it right to begin with.

  2. Mein Gott, here’s the lying-est WKPD entry I’ve ever seen.

    “Effective usage of gas centrifuges were discovered by Pakistan … Pioneering research in physical performance of the centrifuges were studied by the Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan …”. It goes on in that vein. Priceless.

    The centrifuge was developed by the British/Dutch/German consortium Urenco. Mr Khan was employed by them and stole the design. C’est tout!

  3. Oh well, it’s a demonstration, I suppose, that Pakistanis are as prone to mendacious nationalist piffle as Indians.

  4. Dearieme

    Surely the most mendacious articles were those of William Connolley, sometimes seen in this parish, in his quest to push AGW…..

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