Can a tuber spit with rage or just sweat with it?

Labour was granted three nominations, and Jeremy Corbyn put forward the former party general secretary Iain McNicol and the race equality campaigner Martha Osamor, the mother of the MP Kate Osamor, as had been expected. The third nominee is Pauline Bryan, a Scottish campaigner and editor of What Would Keir Hardie Say?, a collection of essays once given by Corbyn to Barack Obama.

Vermine, when will it arrive?

10 thoughts on “Can a tuber spit with rage or just sweat with it?”

  1. He won’t get one from Corbyn/McDonnell! Maybe if they are replaced but that isn’t likely to be for some time.

  2. Osamor is 100% on message about Jews, considering the current anti-Semitism scandal a “Salem witch trial” designed to undermine Corbyn. You can see why he would appoint her a peer, despite saying he wouldn’t appoint any peers. The “man of principle” once again!

  3. Aside from the ridiculousness of the suggestion, here is a lucky catch of Ritchie editing posts between screenshots (different browser, different identities!).

    Dear Richard, the joy from getting you to worry so much about something I said you had to come back for a better go makes my day.

  4. Noel,

    Your upload (of sreenshots) isn’t quite right (chunks are cut off)? I’m also guessing you perhaps didn’t mean to leave your e-mail addresses on public view?

  5. The email addresses are made up, no problem. The screen shows two browser windows next to each other. I was surprised to catch the original post in one and the modified one in the other so grabbed it!

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Surely even to be a Labour peer you need to have slightly more qualifications than being a perpetually-wrong junior lecturer in a poly? He could always burnish his CV with a spot of Yid-bashing; that seems to be flavour of the month chez Corbyn.

  7. If he’d accepted that post on McDonnell’s unpaid committee and said helpful things occasionally, he’d be Lord Murphy now. We’ve been spared that because, thankfully, he falls out with everyone.

  8. Blimey Noel, well done.

    There would be a lot of editing going on if Spud was in charge. And plenty of abuse calling people stupid.

    And he sees nothing wrong with it.

    Truly frightening man.

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