Sure, maybe you or I or we really do want the poor to have more. That means we’ve got to tax ourselves so that we can give them more money. Messing with markets through price fixing just means there’s none for anyone, not more for the poor.

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  1. Bloke in Costa Rica

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that John Oliver is a smug, unfunny cunt who is monstrously overdue for a life-altering kicking.

  2. Give ’em a fish doesn’t work.

    Teach ’em to fish, Tim.

    First, teach them that if they don’t learn to fish, they’ll starve.

  3. That same thing that makes poor people poor will defy all attempts to fix the problem by giving them money. But by all means let’s not ever mention in public what it is.

  4. McGillis gives a rational reply to an emotional appeal. Doesn’t work in DC, the Belly of the Beast.

  5. McGillis argues “the tragedy of the commons”. Duty-free shops hurt neighbouring retailers that have to pay duty. If Washington DC taxes carbon and Maryland doesn’t then DC residents will shop in Maryland, so carbon taxes have to be imposed at a federal, national or EU level to avoid leakage.
    He has one valid point – that China and, to a much lesser extent, India matters far more than Washington DC or the UK interms of global warming.

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