Global Destitution Now is arguing that none of this should happen. That the new technologies which will increase economic growth, will reduce abject poverty, be allowed into the poor countries which can make the most use of them. Instead barriers must be placed in the way of the people who know how to do these things in order that, well, in order that what? It all happens more slowly and thus people are poorer for longer?

That is what they are effectively arguing. We human beings collectively now know how to do some pretty cool things, but poor people should apparently not have access to said knowledge and techniques. We should instead have the sort of self-contained economy that made Cuba so rich. How much do you have to hate actual poor people to argue in this manner?

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  1. We’ve had the experimentation closer to home before WW2. Ireland deliberately followed an economic policy of isolation from the rest of the world polluted by those nasty Brits, it was only when they opened up for trade that Irish people got richer.

  2. But Tim they do hate people – people being free to do their own thing independent of state bureaucracies or NGOs. If you see the writing of someone like Murphy underlying it is a deep and abiding contempt for humanity

  3. Waiting for Cuba to develop a 1970s car.

    The Idiots’ assumption is that all can create anything, that creating a computer, for example, is something anyone can do.

    “Don’t let Intel in! Make your own electronic chips!”

  4. “A man fixes a laptop at the ‘Computer Village’ in Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos”
    Says the caption on the photo.
    Yeah. Right. What it looks like to me is someone in the business of un-blocking stolen phones & getting past the password protection on nicked laptops. There’s no-one swapping hard-drives or replacing screens on a bench-top that cluttered.
    But Nigeria. What did you expect? They likely do 419 scams as a sideline.

  5. Ritchie’s latest tweet!

    Italy has appointed an academic to leap straight from university to be PM to steer a government in a struggling economy. Now there’s an idea….

    I wonder what he has been smoking.

  6. This quote on the insurgent five star Movement in Italy applies 100 fold to Murphy’s latest ‘Progressive economic forum’

    “These people are totally hopeless. I had to sit on the budget committee with them and I can assure you that they are incompetent,” said Lorenzo Codogno, former chief economist for the Italian treasury and now at LC Macro Advisors.

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    But everyone knows darkies are happier when they’re uncontaminated by Western influences. Sure, all their kids die of kwashiorkor and they haven’t got a pot to piss in, but as you howl through their mud-brick villages in your NGO-supplied Toyota Land Cruiser J200 with the A/C on high, you’ll see nothing but smiling happy faces. People like Robert Fisk tell us so.

    Christ I hate these fucking people.

  8. The Idiots’ assumption is that all can create anything, that creating a computer, for example, is something anyone can do.

    The Tuber believes that a British State company can create a PC operating system that can not only compete in world markets but can also deter any current and future computer viruses, DOS attacks and other nefarious activities.

  9. Actually Tim, I’ve lost any sympathy for what happens in the rest of the world. Whether they are rich or poor, alive or dead, it’s not really my concern or that of my government. If keeping them poor and starving has advantages for me and mine, then they can starve or find their own way out of their stone age culture.

  10. No matter how many die or suffer as a result of their policies, feelz and (self-attributed) good intentions trump actual results every time, so they get a pass, while the Evil Rightwingers who favour trade are grilled, misrepresented and lied about.

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