Good point Rod, good point

The English Defence League founder, Tommy Robinson, turned up in Leeds on Friday to film people going into the trial of several Asian men accused of “grooming” white girls. He did not speak, chant, accost anyone or do anything but point his phone at attendees from a distance. Still, several coppers bundled him into a police van, accusing him of a breach of the peace.

I’m not remotely a fan of the unpleasant Robinson. But wouldn’t it have been lovely if West Yorkshire police had acted with as much rigour and alacrity when, in an earlier case, they were told of the horrific sexual assaults taking place on their patch?

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  1. One wonders why in these times of austerity and police cuts to the front line that they managed to get together 6x Plod to arrest one man.

  2. Zerhedge has a photo of other protesters against the accused rapists: a couple of shaven heads, some dodgy tattoos but also a Sikh man with a truly magnificent beard in full regalia and a darkish woman with a scarf. It is not just white girls who have been preyed upon and yet the unlikeable TR is accused of racism.

    Iqbal Afzal has tweeted of the necessity of in camera trials to get convictions because of the influence of media upon the jury. I think this is a convenient rather than robust argument: Justice needs to be seen to be done.

    The detention and imprisonment of TR with the accompanying media blackout reminds me of the worst excesses of the apartheid state when “banned” persons could not be quoted or their pictures published.

    There is a cultural problem within the UK that can only be dealt with if there is a robust protection of freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and equality before the law.

  3. TV crews routinely film arrivals at court.

    Is that literally all Robinson did?

    ITN and the BBC should be bricking it, if so.

  4. Tommy received a suspended sentence last year for a similar ‘offence’. This new, rather contrived, arrest has given the authorities the excuse the they wanted to imprison him, revoking the suspension of his previous sentence.
    To be honest, they’re probably hoping he’s murdered in prison, ‘Pour Encourager les Autres’.

    Note the tendentious language of the article, illustrating the establishment’s view of Tommy.

  5. BTW be aware that, simply for discussing this, any of us could be gaoled. Britain a free country? My arse.

  6. I have problems with some of the reports and their accuracy. The gagging order says His Honour, yet many are reporting this as Denise Marson.

    Robinson was on doggy ground – the trials of the Huddersfield Roper kiddy fiddlers have been split into 3 as there is so many of them!

    He’s reported on the middle set which potentially impacts the later trial. There is also some talk of the current defendants wanting a mistrial declared (although I think this is unlikely as their trial is almost over).

  7. @Jonathan – The gagging order was a press restriction – there might be an argument that Tim is the publisher of this blog and could be held accountable, but the posters can’t although IANAL.

  8. Those of us outside the UK are not subject to UK court gagging orders, even if we are British citizens. I don’t understand how the UK believes it can have a global gag in the case of the evil scrotes who killed James Bulger.

  9. ‘But wouldn’t it have been lovely if West Yorkshire police had acted with as much rigour and alacrity when, in an earlier case, they were told of the horrific sexual assaults taking place on their patch?’

    Cops do what they want to do. Sometimes it matches what you want them to do.

  10. Cops do what they want to do. Sometimes it matches what you want them to do.

    But very, very rarely.

  11. The orig charge against Robinson was “mortgage fraud”. The name Mandelson is brought to mind.

    But the treatment of ZaNu Grandees –who may well have a hand in the whole CM population replacement plan anyway– and the “unlikeable” Tommy are two different things of course.

    Please sign the petition and help. Unlikeable or not you will find that it will be us next if we don’t stop the CM bastards in their tracks


  12. As far as I can tell, he’s been gaoled not for breaching his suspended sentence, but for contempt. But we don’t know why he was found in contempt and we won’t know until after the conclusion of the rape trial.

  13. He is inside because he wouldn’t shut up about white girls being raped etc–that is all.

    Fuck all their C-O-C cockrot. They hand out less time for violent assaults.

  14. If filming outside a courtroom is illegal, then why has nobody from the BBC been arrested?

    It’s not. Filming on Court property without Court permission is illegal.

    Tommy near start of video sought & received confirmation from police that he was Not on Court property.

    For open discussion see:

  15. My point, Mr Ecks, is how do we know why he’s in jug?

    Look, I’ve a lot of sympathy for him per se. I’m even willing to assume he’s been stitched-up. But right now, our info seems limited. My guess is his petitioners are being lined-up for a dose of technical but unarguable egg-on-face, which will do them no good.

    In the absence of piano wire, all there is is evidence.

  16. Edward Lud–COC isn’t going to cut it for TPTB. or TSTB as in the Shite That Be.

    Oh dear– even if he was guilty of some COC cockrot pre-designed to give the shite an excuse to shut him up— lets give him more time than violent scum would get for punching a white OAPs face in–or for having a knife fight in the Tube. For which caper the participants in same recently received fuckall punishment.

    Do they think we are all going to pack up and give in cos some POS Judge tried to silence him using some bullshit point of law? Piss on the Judge and piss on all costumed thugs. They are our enemies as surely as they are servants of Marxist anti-white hatred. Just as surely as they are the servants of womiccumalobus would-be boss class trash who are trying to enslave a once great nation.

  17. At the moment Ned the the best strategy is still words.

    If you can think of a more useful one please let us know.

    What I am suggesting to you is to stop looking at some bullshit little picture TSTB want you to look at ie the COC cockrot and look at the bigger picture. Which is that there never would have been ANY legal bullshit were the state not trying to silence Robinson so as to continue to cover up a world of imported sexual abuse and violence against our girls.

  18. “If you can think of a more useful one please let us know.”

    Well, you could try giving the impression that all his supporters don’t care about evidence, don’t care about facts, don’t care about whether actual laws have been broken, and make it clear they know that the police and judiciary are universally engaged in a national conspiracy to silence decent Englishmen like Tommy with made-up laws and heavy-handed enforcement, while defending all those criminal foreigners who are obviously all guilty just because they are foreign. And do it swearing like a still-drunk sailor who has just been mugged by a cheap whore, waking up naked, soaked, and heavily hung-over in the overflowing trench of a public urinal to emphasise and enhance the intellectual quality of the argument, in case any admiring bystanders were in any doubt about exactly the sort of cultured, civilised, and liberal-minded Englishmen on Tommy’s side, and of which Tommy is such a shining example for all white British children to emulate. That’ll help.

  19. @NiV:’…and make it clear they know that the police and judiciary are universally engaged in a national conspiracy to silence decent Englishmen…’

    If they don’t want to give that impression, there’s nothing stopping them. Is there?

  20. NiV cares about impressing the right people you see. In NiV’s wanky little world evil is just a mistake . You talk reasonably to the IN crowd–possibly over a pink gin–and everything is sorted out.

    Of course the COCrot is a serious breach of the LAW. Even tho’ it was only cobbled together to as a weapon to silence Tommy in the first place. Because the Jury were obviously listening to his live feed inside the Courthouse. And all the newspaper bullshit about old white slebs on sex charges wasn’t undue influence. Or said slebs being tried in the wash and wake of the media manufactured Savile hysteria…well that was fair. They’re nasty privit-hedged whites anyway.

    As for the nice foreigners –well all the rapes etc were just a misunderstanding NiV–right? They didn’t realise it was wrong eh NiV –its their CULTURE you see. Odd that they don’t show any signs of knocking it off now its all been explained to them by the great NiV.

    Like all those Jihadis who now met at your house every week for a Rainbow Flag party right…..errr.

    No. The wicked plebery you whinge about is called A N G E R NiV –something Mummy likely wouldn’t let you show in case she was shunned by all her womi peers.

  21. I hit it exactly Nivver.

    You are–whatever your manner of garb –a latter day fop and semi-left controlled milksop.

    Nor will your new ploy–tut-tutting , seeming mildly assumed at apparent eccentricity– avail you much either.

    Your essential innards have been boiled and put on display. In the presence of evil you would whither like an ill-smelling orchid in a blizzard.

  22. Then like a failed comet whizz off into your outer darkness forever NiV.

    You know what you think you mean and that is enough for you.

  23. The persistent way you duck and weave around the point so carefully tells me you know perfectly well what the point is. That’s why you don’t want to acknowledge it.

    And yes, that’s enough for me.

  24. What is a land of laws? Seems to me it’s broadly two things. First, a place in which law is made by deliberation, then upheld and enforced. Second, it’s a place in which the populace mostly subscribe to those laws, adhere to them and believe in them.

    Currently, I think we’ve got one but not two. Law is made, then routinely disobeyed (and how). Frantic law-making and widespread contempt for the law and the lawmakers. Obviously it can’t end well.

    In the meantime we have to decide: do we obey the laws, or do we not? And if we do not, to what extent do we not?

    All else, like the preceding, is just backchat or chitchat.

  25. We don’t fully have the first, Edward. The law is selectively enforced based on whether your group is favoured or not.

  26. What law Mr Lud? It is fucking anarcho-tyranny out there.

    From Rebel Media:

    “Tommy was broadcasting on Facebook, from his cell phone.

    Tommy was very careful:
    •He did not set foot on the court precinct.
    •He did not call the men “rapists”, but rather called them “accused rapists”.
    •In no way did he interfere with the trial, which was on its final day. ( my nb–so how could a Jury possibly be influenced at that late stage?)
    •When Tommy mentioned the names of the accused rapists, he was reading from a BBC website — so the names were clearly public information, on the state broadcaster.

    Tommy did nothing wrong.

    They said he was causing a disturbance, which is absurd — he was by himself on the street, with only a cameraman and a friend.
    Within hours, Tommy was summoned before the judge. Tommy’s long-time lawyer was not informed of this. Rather, the court appointed a lawyer who didn’t know Tommy and wasn’t an expert in the specialized law of contempt of court.”

    The 7 cop-pukes were standing by as was the Scum-beak.

    It was a put up job. A simple stich up to stop his far too informative broadcasts and spotlight shining.

  27. How is it possible for him to be tried, convicted and sentenced for a new crime in just a few hours? The suspended sentence was for 3 months. Where has the 10 months come from? Is he even allowed to appeal?

    What. The. Fuck?

  28. Note the “far-right” bullshit again–ie anyone who doesn’t spew the poison of cultural Marxism=Hitler–another socialist anyway.

    The fact that Day-care (thanks to the much missed Ian B) and the Daily Mail gang are ejecting CM dialogue shows how far and deep the Frankfurt School rot goes.

  29. Guido, who cunningly bypassed the slobs who got expensive orders to keep their shenanigans out of the public eye, is ignoring the single most important issue of the day, that is judicial secrecy highlighted by someone foolhardy and crazy brave. The judiciary and (embarrassed) political class obviously despise the citizenry they won’t trust them with the facts.

  30. A single Tommy Robinson is worth far more than a 100,000 pink tranny boys any day.

    Yeah, the sneering liberals don’t like his working class background and he’s not exactly had a blemish free life.

    What he is doing however is embarrassing the political classes by highlighting these cases and they don’t like it. So he’s been treated far more harshly than he might otherwise be in an attempt to silence him.

    If I knew that going to prison might be a death sentence I can’t say I’d do what he has done. That’s brave in itself.

  31. “ For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Chuck him out, the brute!”
    But it’s “Saviour of ‘is country” when the guns begin to shoot;
    An’ it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ anything you please;
    An’ Tommy ain’t a bloomin’ fool — you bet that Tommy sees!“
    Guido doesn’t even approve of Kipling

  32. I am now informed by Guido I am a bigot and no longer permitted to post:
    I attempted two very oblique posts comparing judicial secrecy to 80s South Africa then tried half a stanza of Kipling. Very very obviously bigoted.

    I want to repost Tim Newman on samizdata because I think he nailed it.
    Tim Newman
    May 28, 2018 at 11:32 am
    Those assuring us that Robinson broke the law reminds me of the poor sap who made the video that Hillary blamed for causing Libyan jihadis to slaughter Americans in Benghazi. Lefties fell over themselves to sternly remind us that this guy *had* broken the terms of his parole by making a video and thus two-dozen men raiding his house at midnight in front of another dozen news crews was all legit.


    Tim’s piece doesn’t really work (we can’t judge if there are pertinent facts denied to us) without this:

    I should have realised the instant justice was for contempt of court. To which he pleaded guilty. It rather looks now that he was trying to get banged up. Perhaps he’ll write a book about his life while he’s inside.

  34. `PJF–Wrongheaded and rotten as ever PJF.

    He was told by the unprepared wanker of a Duty Solicitor that there would be no jail if he pled guilty. Prob told other shit about how “not guilty” might see him visiting with some old pals of his.

    One of the real sickners of the whole affair is knowing in advance which amongst those s’posed to be on the side of the Angels would piss on the bloke.

    Seaman Staines, a large chunk of Samizdata were predictable enough. Old Holebone less so but he has only tweeted for years now so it has not been possible to take a true measure of him in more than 140 characters.

    Again piss on the COCrot. If you are not bright enough or are so full of snobbery or CM bollocks to see why the COC shite even exists–and before that “mortgage fraud” FFS ( which Building Society was it? Mandelson & Robinson perhaps?)–then you are no asset to the cause of freedom. Which cause would be all the sounder for your departure.

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