How damn bourgeois is this?

This has me laughing like a drain:

The leader of Spain’s anti-austerity Podemos party and its parliamentary spokeswoman are submitting themselves to a confidence vote in the hope of putting an end to criticism of their decision to buy a €600,000 (£525,000) house in the mountains outside Madrid.

Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero, who are expecting twins, have been accused of betraying the party’s principles and joining the petty bourgeoisie by purchasing the property.

Among those who have criticised the move is José María González, the Podemos mayor of Cádiz.

“Podemos’s ethics code isn’t a formality,” he said. “It’s a commitment to living like working people so that you can represent them.”

Imagine if the Momentum crowd were held to the same standard, eh?

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    That is not the real problem. The real problem is how can he afford it? He was born in 1978 and has been pretty much a student activist ever since:

    Iglesias was born in Madrid, where he studied with honours at Complutense University. He received his degree in law (2001), including an Erasmus term at the University of Bologna, before turning to political science and administration, receiving his licentiate (2004), teaching certificate (2004), DEA (2005) and PhD (2008).[1] His doctoral dissertation was on political conflict and peace processes, titled “Post-National Collective Action”, under Heriberto Cairo Carou.[2][3] Iglesias has also obtained a Master of Humanities (2010, honours) from Charles III University with a thesis regarding a political analysis of cinema, and a Master of Arts in Communication (2011, distinction) from the European Graduate School in Switzerland, where he studied political theory, cinema and psychoanalysis.

    He has seven degrees? His last graduation was in 2011. Then in 2014 he launched Podemos and sat in the EU Parliament. Four years later he has a spare half a million pounds to spend?

    Unless his wife is the Catalan actress Irene Montalà. She might have some money. In which case, good for him.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    Then in 2014 he launched Podemos and sat in the EU Parliament

    In the course of four years on the Gravy Train one can probably accumulate quite a bit of gravy.

  3. The socialist party of England and Wales, better known as the militant tendency had a requirement that their MPs only take the average wage if a skilled worker and donate the rest to the union movement.

    I quite like that idea, you can’t really represent working people if you don’t live like them and that kept out the north London red princes

  4. He’s a University lecturer. The ones I know don’t live like that, but then, they aren’t socialists.

    The real point is his monumental hypocrisy, as his party exists largely to attack people who work hard and use their own money to provide a better life for themselves and their families. As usual with these people, when they do it, it doesn’t count.

    At least some of the money appears to have come from Chavez/Maduro, for whom he’s been cheerleading for some time.

    Another fun little thing is that some people have been advertising barbecues for immigrantst and squatters at his house, both through social media and on signs outside the property. Given that he expects everyone else to have their money stolen to be given to the ‘less fortunate’, and that he was one of the prime defenders of mob harrassment of those who disagree with him (see ‘escrache’) he can’t really complain too much.

    He’s basically a teenage Trot who’s being forced to grow up, and to face the fact that his idea are bollocks, but is trying to hold onto the privileges they’ve gained him.

    I could go on, but some of the mumbled excuses he’s been making sound much like Peter Mandelson’s when he was caught spending much more money than he should have had (‘my mother has been generous’).

  5. “Podemos’s ethics code isn’t a formality,” he said. “It’s a commitment to living like working people so that you can represent them.”

    There’s so much that’s telling in this statement.

    The self-appointed Vanguard of the Proletariat must method-act as being proletarian in their daily lives so that they can best represent the people they’re voluntarily playing at being.

    I think that sums it up.

  6. +Rob you have hit on an important point. If you follow Christ’s injunction to give all you own to the poor, then they aren’t poor anymore and you are so they must give all they own to you. Add Bernie’s transaction tax and this becomes a perpetual self-sustaining cycle and I’m sure we can all afford luxury villas.

  7. My great-grandmother scrimped and saved and borrowed to buy her house for £450. She’d be gobsmacked that just 40 years later I was able to buy a £40,000 house.

  8. So one must be homeless and sleeping rough to represent the homeless and sleeping rough?

    What about representing schizophrenics? Do you have to be schiizo too?

  9. “What about representing schizophrenics? Do you have to be schiizo too?”
    Yes and no 🙂

  10. Aren’t the Pod-people Party anti-EU?

    If so the fucker should be concentrating on rousting those scum not padding his domestic arrangements.

  11. Half a mil in four years looks like remarkably slow going for a dago politician. Rajoy’s gone from hardly a pot to piss in (assets disclosed pre election) to multi millionaire in not much longer.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’m sure this sprang in to most reader’s minds but for those it didn’t:

    “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

  13. Like that twat Bob Crowe refusing to move out of his social subsidised accommodation.

    He said the usual cuntish socialist gloating things when Mrs T died. 11 months later he drops dead of a heart attack.

    As ever, no-one on the right said any cuntish gloating things about his death.

    And the left still claim the moral high ground.

    Bastards. Cunts the lot of them.

  14. He can organise the money.

    He and his second in the party (she is awaiting his ‘twins’) both have big politician salaries. He has money saved and (how yucky) is waiting for his parents to shuffle off this mortal coil and like good poor socialists they have around €1,000,000 in property to leave their only son.

    He ran his own TV production company producing ‘I love Venezuela’ stuff and generally being extremely rude about everybody with any money at all. Yes he is suspected of laundering black Venezuelan money through the company.

    However, the building society (a small Catalan-one linked to the College of Engineers and fond of the Catalan separatists) is taking a risk. Out of politics the guy is worth nothing. He is a second-rate uni lecturer, 30 years out-of-date who for some reason people thought he had charisma something I have never been able to understand. He looks like a total bell-end and spouts anti-system simplicities. Still, whatever turns you on.

    They have lent him around €550,000 on the basis of 30 years of current income. And if this goes belly up and he is out of parliament, I can see a rapid foreclosure.

    The problem is the hypocrisy. Among many other wonderful ‘pearls’ that internet turns up in no time; he railed against a minister for buying a €600,000 property. Now he has done the same. But don’t be surprised, it is different. That guy did it as an investment, I am doing it for my family. He was always going to live in his barrio with the salt of the earth, etc, etc…

    And now we have the race to justify and the ‘disgust’ at having his privacy invaded, this from the people who justified ‘escraches’ (see Bloke in La Mancha) which is basically turning up at the home of your political enemy and expressing very loudly all your bile and hatred, pushing and shoving, frightening their kids and those of the neighbours so they get pissed off with you, spraying graffiti. Quite scummy. And they complain about us taking the piss and questioning his integrity?

    But don’t take any notice. In my case it is jealousy. My house is similar but I don’t have the pool. Bast*rd!

  15. ‘Anti-austerity” seems a euphemism.

    Maybe it’s hard to campaign on “unrestrained government spending.”

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