I fear the Senior Lecturer misunderstands private property and warrants

If HMRC need a little crowd funding so that they can afford a £75 warrant I suspect we could arrange it

I’m sure we could, yes.

So, HMRC won’t issues warrants to search for evidence or relevant documents in these case because the costs and hassle are too great.

Gosh, really?

Richard then researched the costs. They are here, and don’t look to be beyond the wit of the average law enforcement officer to me, which is of course, the intended case. But the cost issue is also well worth noting.

Which is where the £75 comes from.

And just for the record, if the JP is satisfied that it is necessary to authorise multiple entries in order to meet the purpose of the warrant, they may specify that the warrant is for an unlimited number of entries or limited to a maximum number of entries. Despite this HMRC apparently have been unable to fork out this extortionate sum to gain entry to Amazon’s premises to seize the goods of those partaking in a multi billion pound fraud (I stress, that is billion).

I do wonder if they can’t afford the cost whether we should do a crowdfunding to help them out? them? 20p a shot, anyone?

You really could not make arguments this ludicrous up.

Hmm, well. Hands up everyone who thinks that HMRC can get just the one warrant and then have a rootle through Amazon’s warehouses?

Instead of needing a warrant to search for goods to be seized – that warrant being about the person who owns the goods to be seized?

In this case, VAT fraud on imports being sold through Amazon. Note through, not by. So, we need a warrant to seize the goods of Mr. Wat Da Fuck which might be in the Amazon warehouse. And we need another one for those of Mr Who Da Fuck which might also be in that same warehouse.

We need £75 for each trader suspected, not one warrant for a warehouse or for Amazon.

And the amount of VAT to be collected from each trader is? As opposed to the costs of those warrants, it’s worth it is it?

No, I don’t know either but that is the calculation HMRC will have done and which the Senior Lecturer hasn’t.

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  1. Fortunately all of the HMRC staff have infinite time to do an infinite number of tasks, and there are no costs internally for following a particular course of action.

    Nor also do any third parties hired have any costs which need to be paid, they all work for nothing. Just the £75 for the warrant. One warrant.

  2. I couldn’t believe that even Capt Potato could be daft enough to write this so I went to his blog. He is on a roll at the moment, post after post filled with mind-blowing stupidity. It is staggering that he has a teaching position. Even more than this is that the mindless Carol Wilcox and Marco Fante are there to tell this deranged fool how brilliant he is. My mind is reeling after spending just a couple of minutes there. It is like marking a toddler’s attempts to solve differential equations

  3. Diogenes

    We know of the evil of Wilcox well – I have blocked her on Facebook, a ghastly harridan who would happily sign a death warrant for millions if the end justified the means (No doubt DBCReed of this parish will be on to tell of her apparently holding everything together with ‘good humour’)

    I am not convinced Marco Fante is genuine – could anyone be that stupid??

    Cannot argue with your characterisation of the output though – the idea that he can be quoted as a serious source by the mainstream media on anything is frankly terrifying.I have seen mentally ill people talk considerably more coherently.

  4. @Mitch [With apologies to JGB]

    “When you have to prove you are innocent, then you are guilty”

  5. Even if it were one warrant, HMRC is also figuring (unlike this guy) in the cost of the search itself.

    One Warrant Application may cost 75 pounds, overtime, transport, and support costs for 50 cops and technicians serving that warrant cost a whole heap more.

  6. If they are after records (not goods) and amazon hold the records wouldn’t it just be 1 warrant to Amazon, and it wouldn’t be the warehouse. The issue may be that the data is all in Irish (or other) servers so it wouldn’t be a local warrant anyway.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset


    We already know from his ramblings on the tax gap that he doesn’t accept diminishing returns as an argument for not going after non-payers. This is just an extension, it may cost £100k in direct costs but if the result raises £100 in evaded rad that would justify his argument.

  8. Bloke in Costa Rica

    It’s doubtful that Operation Chastise was of any great military significance. Had the RAF followed up by area bombing the targets while repairs were carried out it might have been a lot more useful, but there’s never been a shortage of unimaginative dunderheads in the British military. What we did get out of it was an elite precision bombing force that was capable of making a contribution to the one unequivocally successful component of the strategic bombing campaign in Europe: the destruction of the transport network. Knocking out the Dortmund-Ems canal or the Bielefeld viaduct was worth half a dozen dams.

  9. BniC, spot on, Ritchie’s sole interest is creating public sector jobs. Not sure the PCS is still funding him though, don’t recall any mention of them in his accounts. Perhaps he is pitching for work from them.

  10. “I am not convinced Marco Fante is genuine – could anyone be that stupid??”
    Marco Fante is surely a close relative of Syco Fante?

  11. So a warrant is done for Mr X who has goods stored at amazon.
    OK there’s what? 14 UK warehouses and the goods will be spread out across miles of shelving – Ok pick up a teddy bear from Row A shelving unit 55 shelf G. Pick up a small electronic item from Row F shelving unit 84 shelf A. Pick up a set of wall decals from Row M shelving unit 5 shelf C. Then move on to the next warehouse.
    Once the products have been taken, then what? HMRC don’t keep the products.

    The cost of recovering a debt by seizing stock stored at amazon can be considerable. I at one time had stock across several countries though most of my stuff was concentrated in Rugeley, Swansea and Doncaster with a little at Milton Keynes.

    Anyone think HMRC will take other action before deciding to seize stock themselves?

  12. I had the crown solicitors decide to be not interested in seizing a few grand worth of goods belonging to them from me with the stock all stored in one place. They disclaimed ownership because it wasn’t worth it to them to own the stuff.
    Rather cheaper for them than someone trying to collect stock stored at amazon warehouses.

  13. As I recall my Operational Studies lectures, the strategic value of the dams raid was not as much in the damage inflicted, but in forcing the Germans to reply air defences to similar targets, weakening them elsewhere.

    Although what that’s got to do with this thread, I dinnae ken.

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