I shall surmise something from this review

Review: the Google News app is a news junkie’s dream come true

My surmise being that Mashable’s content gets good placing in the new Google News app.

A disturbing idea given that their economics coverage is driven by the only woman known to have been fired from the Guardian for not knowing enough economics.

5 thoughts on “I shall surmise something from this review”

  1. OT but of great importance: the petition to free Tommy Robinson.

    Don’t bother with any bollocks about sub judice filming. The bastards arrested him for “breach of the peace” so important to them are their flimsy excuses for legality .

    Whether you agree with Tommy or not–it is him today and it will be us tomorrow if we don’t fight back.

    Help embarrass the Fish Faced Cow.


  2. Given that Google’s new UK (European even?) HQ is within spitting distance of GMG’s King’s Cross offices – I’d wager we’ll see more prats taken onto Alpahabet’s payroll…

    That is not something I particularly anticipate with any relish.

  3. The Meissen Bison

    @Ecksie – I agree with you on this and signed up.

    I also think that it’s time to start indicating to our parliamentarians that if they continue to try and ignore the Brexit referendum that a programme of civil disobedience will ensue.

  4. As posted elsewhere, hard to say if Tommy was been ‘bad’ or not – were the verdicts due yesterday? Some of the defendants had bags which might have contained clothes in readiness for prison.

    In any case, it’s clear that the MC/CM scum at the top of Plod go out of there way to harass Tommy wherever he goes. A clearer example of Common Purpose setting an agenda is hard to find.

    Shame the lower ranks have to take the orders – they know that it would be a career limiting (or ending) not to.

  5. Ir’s long odds that he was accused of “conduct liable to lead to a breach of the peace” – to be guilty of which he merely has to exist within throwing range of a Guardianista armed with eggs or rotten tomatoes or …
    What you *should* want is for him to demand a jury trial and produce witnesses saying all that he did was take a few photographs and hire a lawyer who will cross-examine plod on *just how* that was “conduct liable to lead to a breach of the peace” – plod would have to explain that it’s because TR is the target of left-wing hooligans.

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