Isn’t this a fascinating little kaffeeklatsch?

The twelve founding economists of the Forum are:

Dr Ha Joon Chang
Ann Pettifor
Prof Daniela Gabor
Prof John Weeks
Lord Robert Skidelsky
Dr Johna Montgomerie
Prof Stephany Griffith-Jones
Will Hutton
Prof Simon Wren-Lewis
Prof Danny Dorling
Prof Guy Standing
Prof Richard Murphy.

Several of those aren’t economists. And I expect some interesting ructions when those who are suss those who aren’t.

30 thoughts on “Isn’t this a fascinating little kaffeeklatsch?”

  1. Perry, you can expect gammon to become a little redder and sweatier when we get sunny weather

  2. Philip Scott Thomas

    Is Capt Potato really a professor? I thought ‘professor’ was a specific position in British universities, and that using ‘professor’ for ‘lecturer’ was an American usage.

  3. @PST

    Standards have slipped.

    Professor has always been something of an honorary position but it used to be reserved for heads of departments.

    Now it has been diluted to meaning f’ all.

  4. OT – but I see since our economic genius predicted a stock market crash on 8 May (for at least the 5th time in 3 years) the FTSE100 & 250 have increased by around 3% to record highs.

    This is the Danny Blanchflower class of forecasting. i.e. whatever they say, do the opposite.

  5. Max, he’ll rarely admit to being wrong.
    Stock market crashes have happened, I don’t recall him predicting any of them.

  6. “Danny Blanchflower class of forecasting”: oh I dunno. ‘The game is about glory’ was pretty good.

  7. Snippa’s prediction that the next change in the BoE interest rate will be downwards is one to file away for the autumn, when it will of course go up ( slightly ).

  8. Wrong Lewis, Dorling and Captain Potato on the panel… Is there an imaginary universe where this was set up? We know that whatever they conclude has no bearing on our worlds.

  9. So many lefty economic groups, but basically from the same pool of people. New Economics, New Weather, Green New Deal, Class, etc, etc.

    Given the politics of those listed, plus the solicitor funding it is a donor to the Labour Party, you can guess what the conclusions will be.

  10. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Jesus Christ. Dorling, Pettifor, Hutton, Wun Hung Lo and Murphy all collected in one spot. It’s altogether possible that much concentrated stupidity could cause the Earth to collapse into a black hole. It’ll certainly provide plenty of fodder for our genial host, if he doesn’t have aneurysm first.

  11. Putting all those people in one room?

    If I were that way inclined, it could stoke up all sorts of feverish ideas.

  12. @PST and Andrew C, he’s technically a professor of practice which is up there with honorary doctorates in terms of fake titles. It’s given to non-academics appointed to academic positions to stroke their ego. So he shouldn’t really call himself Professor but I understand he insisted. A friend was on his interview panel which he turned up to full ego blazing

  13. Let me guess: the real (but stupid) economists get books written about their, ahem, work by Tim. The truly deluded have to settle for being laughed at on this blog.

  14. I’m sorry, but without the true modern economic greats in the group, Howard Reed and Colin Hines, this list isn’t worth shit.

  15. Another Paul – I trust your friend is suitably ashamed of himself. when does the appointment come up for review?

  16. Ah, New Economics! Bit like New Zealand. On the opposite side of the planet from where its name’s derived.

  17. “Another Paul

    A friend was on his interview panel which he turned up to full ego blazing”

    I didn’t realise Spud sat an interview to get the Professorial title, I thought he found it in a Rice Krispies packet (while he was looking for the plastic dinosaur).

  18. @Napsjam the panel was pure box ticking process. Universities love of bureaucracy, they could put the civil service to shame.

    It was a foregone conclusion, he has co-authors in the International Politics department. My friend found it amusing especially his ego and his reverse ferret on Corbyn which he was very vocal about. It was more of a shock the VC approved as he’s usually a stickler on who gets what titles.

    It was originally a 1 day a week job, probably to get two names from City on the durge he publishes but then he got 3 years of funding so I guess they couldn’t take it back.

    @Andrew C, with his ego even that would be turned into the greatest achievement mankind has seen.

  19. If anyone has time a FOI request to City University asking for full disclosure around the process for Ritchie’s appointment and the funding for his role would be interesting.

  20. So which ones are real economists?

    Skidelsky’s an historian; Griffith-Jones is a banker; the only other names I recognise are loons.

  21. I think this is about the tenth forum these guys have set up – and there isn’t an original thought among them

  22. Simon Wren-Lewis is a proper macroeconomist, of the Keynesian persuasion.

    Bunch of development economists – Griffith-Jones, John Weeks, Guy Standing (more labour econ), Ha-Joong Chang

    The INET types (not economics really) and the hangers on.

  23. I used to talk to Will Hutton when he was a salesman for a decent stockbroker – quite relieved when I got switched to a slightly older colleague with a smaller head and better brain. My wife took us to a lecture by Ha Joon Chang at a Cambridge Open Day and while I sat there unable to open my mouth while remaining civilised our then teenage son pointed out a significant flaw in his argument. I debunked Dorling, and his inaccurate responses to my comments until he gave in, on an online blog a few months ago. yesterday I explained the purpose of IFRS on Tax and Murphy forgot that he had banned me for life when acknowledging my post.
    I cannot answer for the competence of the others but …
    FYI #1 son is seriously bright but has had no formal training in economics

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