Telegraph, you mean mentee here:

Mahathir Mohamad is set to become the world’s oldest prime minster after his opposition party was declared the winner of a fractious general election on Thursday.

After a short and bitter campaign marred by corruption allegations, Mr Mohamad, 92, defeated his former mentor in a major political upset that overturns the government’s 60-year rule, official results showed.

6 thoughts on “Mentee”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    That is a surprise. Well it goes to show – if you steal over $800 million from the State Development bank, even a grab bag of Malay malcontents and ethnic Chinese look good.

    The question will be whether UMNO will accept the defeat or will they try to do a deal with Malaysia’s Islamist nut cases. I so hope for the latter.

  2. Another question is whether the election victory will be accepted as legitimate, since it has always been said that “Only UMNO can form a government”.

    Since Doctor M. is at the helm they probably will, but if it had been a coalition led by the ethnic Chinese contingent then almost certainly it wouldn’t.

    Because fuck democracy heh?

  3. Yet nobody – except me, apparently – objects to the attenders at a conference being called “attendees”.

  4. May I be the 94th to point out that “mentee” is not a word – it is on the contrary a horrible neologimixture. A mentor is somebody who teaches or helps bring up somebody else (and this somebody else is usually called a protégé) and the word comes from Mentor, a friend of Odysseus. When Odysseus was about to go and fight a small war near Troy, he put Mentor in charge of bringing up his son Telemachus, and there’s yer etymology done.

    This has precisely nothing to do with the Latin-ish agent nouns ending in -or (such as mortgagor) which do something to a character ending in -ee (such as mortgagee). The disgraceful word you put as a title to this post was no doubt thought of by some uneducated American MBA or similar as filling a gap they couldn’t understand.

    But you probably already knew this and just wanted to provoke this response!

  5. AGN–
    Somehow, I’m of the opinion that many Americans
    without MBAs (or degrees of any kind whatever) might be
    just as capable. You might think of it as a special skill.

  6. AGN is right. And also what about all these atendees and escapees. They should be atenders and escapers.

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