Mr Pooter’s Omnibus to Parliament

For those reasons I could live with an EEA deal.

In my opinion this is now the only tenable Brexit solution.

And if Corbyn won’t have it, then I think his Party has to tell him that is unacceptable. And his MPs will have to ignore his whip. They would have a duty to their consciences, their country and the people that they represent to stand alongside other parties, as a coalition in the House of Lords did, to impose upon the UK’s failing political leadership a solution that is in the best interests of this country as a whole.

Frankly I just giggle at this sort of stuff.

26 thoughts on “Mr Pooter’s Omnibus to Parliament”

  1. Spud’s opinions are–in Mickelthwait’s line–“as important as a cork bobbing up and down mid-Atlantic”.

    But it seems Remainiac scum–orchestrated by Princess Tony Bliar are making a big push to nobble Brexit relying on the cowardice –and remainiac treason– of the Fish Faced Cow.

  2. Ecksy, the truth is that 40 years of the EU has destroyed Britain’s ability to govern itself. The fact that the government has had 2 years and still does not seem to have formulated any plan as to what they mean by Brexit is one sign. The floundering of the Civil Service is another. The way the police ponce around doing anything other than direct traffic or preventing crime is another. The way that organisations such as Oxfam seem to dictate policy is yet another. Our politicians make 18th century MPs seem great

  3. Ecks/ Diogenes

    Diogenes is right – and believe me it does annoy the hell out of me. I’d be happy for anyone who came in from outside the Westminster bubble to propose treason charges for any MP who did not question the Lisbon and Maastricht treaties (even if they were no longer an MP) but given the way we have been stitched up the EEA option seems, at least in the short run unavoidable…

  4. Where was he in 1922 bashing away telling the Irish people that it was in their best interests to remain in the Union and there should be a coalition to thwart the will of the people and Remain.

  5. Ritchie is desperate for Corbyn and McDonnell to be replaced, so he can start pitching for a job/peerage again.

  6. Sam

    There is that – laughed at the SNP collapse which meant that avenue even to that limited assembly was closed off. I do hear he is considering a job in Denmark…..

  7. I went on and told him this:

    “Brussels really has created a monster.

    What might that monster be called? Given that this is about subjugating democracy to corporate interests the only word for it is fascism”

    He said this was almost wholly incomprehensible.

    But here the great man wrote:

    “[Brussels really has created a monster.]

    What might that monster be called? Given that this is about subjugating democracy to corporate interests the only word for it is fascism.”

    He has just found something he wrote himself, but quoted back to him verbatim, as wholly incomprehensible! Funny that…

  8. Well done Adam.

    Also worth noting that the inspectors of Murphy’s stools who infest his board pile in to criticise you but I imagine were happy to fawn over the comment when Murphy originally made it.

  9. Bravefart, Capt Potato made that blogpost at the height of his infatuation with Corbyn. That might explain something

  10. Diogenes–Sorry –but what you say is bollocks.

    The are definite e-fucking-nough when their scummy “sentencing committee” are planning 6 years for speaking out against the beard-boys. No shortage of arrogant order-snapping and action there ( BTW please all follow the “consultation” link–repeated below–and tell the sentencing scum what you think of them and their plans).

    These cunts don’t want to do as their told.

    So stop making excuses for the CM pricks,

  11. Given that this is about subjugating democracy to corporate interests the only word for it is fascism”

    And another one who gets fascism completely backasswards – it was about subjugating corporate interests to the interests of the State. “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.”

    Ask Prof. Junkers, of aircraft fame, how not submitting meekly to this worked out for him. His corporate interests were simply nationalised. Luckily for him he got paid off, but the message to the rest of German industry was clear.

  12. Adam J

    Well done! Suspect that comment was before he got his EU funded university position.

  13. The Unused Testicle

    I think he’s been let in on the not so very secret.

    Oh yes, we’ve secured a wonderful deal at the very last minute.

    We are still in the Customs Union! Isn’t that wonderful?!

    Of course, we’re still in a few other bits and pieces too tiresome to mention, but they’re things any civilised nation would want to be part of! Isn’t that grand?!

  14. Ecksy, I know that reading comprehension is not your strong point but you could try harder. Your counter-examples are more of the ways that demonstrate how our government is hollowed-out and useless. It responds, like the police, to strange things that do not matter with inappropriate force while ignoring big things. To be honest, that reads like a reasonable description of you

  15. Strong, autocratic central control of a private economy. Fascism.

    ‘Given that this is about subjugating democracy to corporate interests the only word for it is fascism.’ – Richard Murphy, Oct. 2015

    Yes, bassackwards.

    BUT . . .

    As government bullies companies to do what government wants, companies fight back. At first. Then they realize that only highly capitalized companies can deal with government mandates. They’re competitors can’t. So they quit fighting, and start cooperating with government. And they see that by cooperating, they can help shape government mandates.

    Krupp goes along with Goering.

    Dupont, GE go along with Obama.

  16. Your own verbal farts are echoing around your barrel and deafening you yet again Diocalm.

    The cunts know exactly what they are about . The idea they are poor little mites bewildered by it all is fatuous.

  17. From where we are now to where we want to get to the only route open to us is via the EEA.

    That is not a bad solution by any means. Most of the arguments against it are stupid. In the long run we would probably want to get out of that as well.

    Nobody in their right minds would argue that Norway or Switzerland are in the EU or are associate members of the EU that’s total bollocks. Neither do they respond to fax diplomacy.

    They happen to be the two richest countries in Europe.

    EEA is doable in the time available, gets us out from Brussels and to a place from where we can plan for the long term.

    It’s either that or a genuine stitch up associate membership which is what I think the FFC is trying to tee us up for with her idiotic ideas about customs cooperation , and even the so-called max fac is a steaming pile of horseshit..

  18. +1 BiI
    EEA plus zero tariffs and quotas would be an excellent outcome.
    It also puts the problem of the NI border firmly on the EU to solve.

  19. This comment is hilarious even by his standards:

    ‘The problem is all yours, not ours

    I am happy for you to explain why the EU would agree a Labour request for what is being rejected when suggested by the Tories – but I am not willing to be told I am just wrong

    So, yes: stop being silly and talk some sense or the world will take note’

    The guy is clearly mentally ill and indeed based on this its a shame the old mental asylums were closed down as surely few could have been more perfect candidates for being sectioned.

  20. Keep your story straight, Ecksy. If May and Co are highly-skilled sinister Euro-Smersh operatives, why does everything keep going wrong? Why do all their cunning plans fail?

  21. Go change your underpants Diocalm.

    They are having to try to wreck something they never expected. The weaponised pollsters failed to mislead the British people but managed to con the FFC with a non-existent 20 point lead that fucked her plans for a full-on Brexit run by Remainers. The scum are still doing their best but the margins are now too thin for the brazen “tough shit” stitch up that a big BluLab HoC majority would have created. Big Shame.

    They are thick as pigshit–but so are the vast bulk of the polipork. They don’t need to be super-sharp to try to work an evil scheme –even one devised by fuckwits. It has to be so cos’ fuckwits are all any of them are/have. The banality of Evil–tho’ a self-referentially banal aphorism in itself–is entirely true

  22. Diogenes – I’m not sure their cunning plan is failing. Starting from the supposition that May (a through and through remainer from the start) has been nobbled by the EU Commission, what she is doing is a perfect timewasting job to eat up the interval to we arrive at brexit day in no state to do anything at all other than plead to be allowed to stay in.

    That is their plan and it is working.

    All the time theya re wasting on bollocks customs plans and max fac shit they are not developing a proper workable EEA based exit, which always has been the only sensible approach, and which the EU dreads, ‘cos it would be guaranteed to work (unlike all the other options) and we’d be miles better off and the EU would be fucked as a consequence.

    It is time May was jettisioned. It’s the only way forward.

    I cannot be the only person to see this.

  23. You are not BiI but the question is what to do.

    As BluLab are gutless in supposed revolt and could easily be whipped to obey then the key is the FFC.

    If everyone who voted on 23/6 had already written and emailed and phoned Tory HQ as much as I have then she would be gone cos the BluFools would have received the best part of 200 million complaints and demands for her demise.

    Do whatever you can cos blog comments won’t cut it.

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