No doubt they’ll be prosecuted, eh?

The official campaign to keep Britain in the EU is facing fresh questions over whether it breached spending rules during the Brexit referendum.

Britain Stronger in Europe published a video on its website and Facebook page which formed part of a celebrity advertising campaign in the final days before the vote in 2016.

The clip, featuring Keira Knightley, a Remain supporter, urging people to vote, was produced by an advertising agency – along with a series also featuring Dame Vivienne Westwood, the fashion designer and Lily Cole, the model – at a total cost of more than £76,000.

Given the precedent in the manner they’ve been crawling all over the Leave accounts?

6 thoughts on “No doubt they’ll be prosecuted, eh?”

  1. “One law for them, another for us. ”

    Yep. Don’t kid yourself . The entire purpose of laws & the justice system is to keep the makers of laws at the top of the pyramid. The rights & freedoms they provide are merely the minimum necessary to persuade those living under them not to pull the whole edifice down

  2. The scrawny Twice Knightley’s career is on the rocks.

    How soon she might discover herself being obliged to advertise cornflakes instead of treason. Tho’ treason was likely much better paid.

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