Oh dear, oh dear

Richard Murphy says:
May 29 2018 at 2:58 pm
Murphy Deeks Nolan never had less than 66% of partners female

I was always outnumbered

And they were on equal pay pro rata hours

I think any research we have done is vastly better than yours

The current reporting on the gender pay gap ignores hours worked…..

12 thoughts on “Oh dear, oh dear”

  1. So did he *earn* as much as Deeks and Nolan or was he just *paid* as much?
    My wife is seriously pissed off about her male colleague who gets paid as much for doing roughly half as much work in three-quarters of the time (her overtime is unpaid).

  2. I wonder what the Misses Deeks and Nolan think about Murphy now? Could they be the exceptions, being past friends spouses and colleagues that he has not fallen out with?

    There’s a Deeks and King in Ipswich but it seems not to involve a person called Deeks

  3. ‘The current reporting on the gender pay gap ignores hours worked…..’

    And that it is nobody else’s damn business what an employer pays anybody. Don’t like the pay? Find another job.

    Wait, you don’t like the pay SOMEONE ELSE is getting? WhoTF are you ?!?!

  4. An accountancy firm is always more than 3 partners, unless you want to stay poor and perform bank reconciliations every day.

    So the obvious follow up would be about the hired hands and the gender balance there

  5. I can’t be bothered to go through the effort of commenting on his blog and getting banned but maybe someone could ask about whether the published accounts for his llp show a gender pay gap?

  6. @Diogenes.

    Tried that. He won’t answer.

    Spud is being particularly cuntish. Trying to make a virtue out of there happening to be two female partners and him.

    Then refusing to engage about his 99% snout troughing of TRUK profits.

  7. And hiding the fact that one of the partners dumped him and the other one left as well… The 3 partner firm sold out and none of the partners remained.

    You can only wonder why

  8. I semi remember the 2 women from my ICA training. They wanted to go into practice, for some reason. I never encountered the sweaty potato. Thankfully.

  9. The 2 women were very driven. They really wanted to leave a mark. Which is probably why I tried to stay out of harms way. It might have been Kids Trust, the Labour Party… But the result was never going to be good or useful nor biodegradable

  10. @Diogenes

    I knew Spud left but didn’t know the other two went as well. That’s unusual.

    It would be interesting to get the views of people he worked with before he began his crusade.

    Since then he’s worked with people of a similar spiteful and bonkers view of tax and economics and even most of them think he’s a cunt.

    Wonder what the others thought of him?

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