So let’s be clear about this: the UK’s state-within-a-state, otherwise known as the City of London, is using Brexit as a chance to say that it wants to go back to governing its own affairs without control from Westminster on behalf of the only people it thinks matter, who are those associated with the City.

No one should be surprised by this: it was ever thus. But the EU restrained ‘two-state’ Britain and helped keep the bankers under some degree of control. But not now they won’t. And the bankers want to tun their own state again, with the rest of the UK being required to comply with its wishes.

This one is a real fight, with money behind it. The fear that some want to turn the UK into tax haven Britain post-Brexit has never quite gone away. This spat makes clear there is real reason for concern on this issue. And that’s another reason to stay very close to Europe indeed.

We want Westminster to rule The City. Therefore all must be ruled by Brussels.

11 thoughts on “Sigh”

  1. More shite spouting from Spud.

    Inasmuch as the ‘City’ has a collective opinion, it was to stay in the EU.

  2. The City does govern some of its own affairs, and does it far better than the city of Westminster. The streets are clean,the schools are excellent (I forget how many kids go to Oxbridge or Russell Group universities but I know that it was pretty good last time I looked), clean public conveniences which were, until recently free, excellent public libraries, lots of small parks (not to mention Epping Forest) maintained by the City.
    The city of Westminster has pockets of poverty – the City does not and the City provides large amounts of social housing in neighbouring boroughs to alleviate poverty.
    I fail to see why the City should not act to provide these services on behalf of those people who are associated with the City: it used to be a requrement of Englidh Law that the local authority provided services to residents – has the EU revoked that?

  3. WTF is he raving about? 2008 was the ESpew keeping the banks under control?

    They should have controlled the Bottler.

    As if the EU Grandees had a fucking clue what was going on then or ever.

  4. You beat me to it Mr Ecks: surely the most unfetterred excesses of The City have been *while* the EU has been around.

    There seemed to be much less of it prior to the EU… I’m not saying the EU caused it either. The Spud just seems utterly detached from reality.

  5. I guess Ritchie is referring to the reported BoE vs Hammond argument.

    Hammond wants to keep UK Financial sector tied to current & future EU laws

    BoE & City want clean break and UK does what is best for UK

    Amazing: two Remainers at war over stay/leave EU

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Apropos of nothing: does anyone know where Steve is? Haven’t seen hide nor hair if him for ages. Hope he hasn’t croaked.

  7. The Other Bloke in Italy

    If it is the same Steve, shorn of variations, he still comments at Vox Day’s place occasionally, but only briefly.

    Probably busy, though I hope no problems.

  8. As Andrew C says. The City was very much Remain. And as I recall (and it doesn’t take much recalling) Spud was very concerned that Brexit would mean the end of the City getting EU passport ing rights

    Are we heading towards post-Brexit normal service resuming?

  9. Mr Ecks. Lockers. The 2008 thing happened ‘because’ the EU was around. 2008 was markets passing an accurate judgement on the failures of the EU (and Brown’s ludicrous and entirely flawed proto nationalising FSMA2000)

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