Sir Pterry wrote documentaries, not fiction

In one sense of course this is true as he did rather illustrate the human condition. But in another sense too:

Mayhem. There are 200 or more guys crushed together, a bit like a rugby scrum, which is known as “the sway”. The idea is that you try to move the “hood” – a leather cylinder about 2ft long – to whichever of the village pubs you favour. I’ve seen hedges go down and cars moved out of the road by the weight of this mass of humanity. The steam that comes off them is incredible. It’s rough.

Would fit rather nicely into Unseen Academicals, wouldn’t it?

7 thoughts on “Sir Pterry wrote documentaries, not fiction”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    The idea is that you try to move the “hood” – a leather cylinder about 2ft long

    I think I have been to that Gay night club. Although it is probably just the way they write them up.

  2. Always a pleasure to read a Guardian article. The begging bowl being rattled at the end is so heart-warming..

  3. There’s rather too much in Unseen Academicals already, thank you very much.

    Although it’s always interesting to eventually learn that some minor joke in Small Gods or Pyramids is based on an actual event in 17th century Guatemala.

  4. Didn’t some dispute about an offside rule result in two South America countries going to war?

    Ah ha. Honduras vs El Salvador, 1969 world cup qualifiers. El Salvador won the play-offs, then started bombing Honduras.

  5. Rob said:
    “Plod taken their eye off the ball there.”

    It’s more a cylinder than a ball.

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