So, a normal part of childhood and growing up then, eh?

Pupils caught drinking from plastic bottles will be treated like smokers behind the bike sheds, the headmaster of a leading private schools has said.

Any students or teachers who brings plastic straws and non-biodegradable cups onto school premises could be punished if necessary, according to Richard Cairns who is head of Brighton College.

Sadly, that’s not what he means.

17 thoughts on “So, a normal part of childhood and growing up then, eh?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    The whole plastic straw claim seems to have come from some primary school child’s homework.

    It is all bullsh!t. And even if they were a problem, the simple solution is to replace them with something derived from a natural source that is biodegradable. I would suggest Galalith – made from milk products dipped in formaldehyde which might be a health problem – or polylactic acid.

  2. (Off topic) It’s Brighton, so you can imagine what the sex education classes teach …

  3. I used to bring a plastic bottle with a plastic straw to school. I used the same one every day as my mum made me wash them.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    John – “I used to bring a plastic bottle with a plastic straw to school. I used the same one every day as my mum made me wash them.”

    You, Sir, are worse than Hitler.

  5. Pupils are old enough to have experienced the utility of plastic cups and straws. The school is moving to create conservatives at a very young age.

  6. Refillable bottles, each etched with key environmental messages, will be handed out to pupils.

    Made from what, exactly? Because the aforementioned plastic bottles are not at all refillable. No, sir. Nothing to do further nudge-indoctrination from branding messages on the approved bottles.

    Also – it’s nice to learn that smoking is as harmless as drinking from unauthorised containers.

    Did anyone else read the linked article? Is it just me (being literally Hitler), or is the grammar shockingly bad throughout most of it?

  7. I thought I’d seen this man virtue-signalling recently, and so I had. He also rides the tranny bandwagon.

    I know, Brighton: but it still surprises me that there are parents willing to pay vast sums for such a twerp to get his mug in the papers.

    On the other hand, isn’t Laurie Penny an old Brightonian?

  8. If you are spending a fortune sending your kid to a private school and this is the kind of shite they are coming out with then it is time to consider re-investment.

    Send the kid to the Orient to learn kung fu and combat firearms use. That would be a better education than a load of eco-freak CM shite in a cock-sucking circus like Brighton.

    And he or she could use their new skills to avenge your murder during the horrors of the Corbin Interregnum.

  9. “Last year, Brighton College forced its pupils to hand in their mobile phones at the beginning of each day, in an effort to wean children off their “addiction” to technology.

    Since last September, students in year seven, eight and nine have been required to hand in their mobile phones at the beginning of the day to teachers who will lock it away, ready for collection between 4 and 5pm when they are about the go home.”

    So, not churning out the STEM students then?

  10. Call me old fashioned, but WTF are children of 7, 8 and 9 doing with mobile phones in the first place?

  11. The ” Year Whatsit” along with other shite leftist jargon like “Key Stage Whatever” is yet another reason why the end of state education in this country is urgently needed.

    Tim–you would still do well to at least duplicate a few of the more controversial postings that are being wasted on Contins over here. Alright the ads bring you money but Spike is talking to himself on half of them. Not just the log in but the “be nice” caper was the last straw . It is good that we are getting a few more posts bhere– and thanks for that– but still too much of your Murph obsession compared to way too few other topics. A touch of duplication would be win-win. No extra work for you and this blog would be that much nearer to full restoration.

    Please give it a try at least.

  12. @ Tractor Gent
    Helpful comment, but …
    I got a landline when I was 29, a mobile in my 60s
    Schoolchildren don’t need a mobile ‘phone: if you are worried about their safety a “Panic Button” like the ones supplied to old people living alone would be more useful.

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