There’s a simple solution here

Skilled immigrants could be offered income tax breaks to move to an independent Scotland, an SNP review published today will recommend despite ministers last month hitting middle-class Scots with an increase in the levy.

Why not just have reasonable ta rates for everyone?

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  1. Taxation theory says that we should tax things that are inelastic*. Whenever I suggest to leftie friends that if you tax high incomes too badly then maybe the people will move, the response tends to be that it is ok as if they move they lose their home, their friends, their childrens friends (hmmm, that sounds quite nasty when you think about it). Same here. Native scots are immobile so tax them to pieces, immigrants are by definition mobile so offer them lower tax rates.

    * For ethical reasons I am not a fan of some of the assumptions made in standard taxation theory.

  2. Wouldn’t this make Scotland a…gasp…TAX HAVEN? (Faints).

    Bad news for Ritchie and his courting of the SNP. Awkward.

  3. But wouldn’t this be racist by the usual SJW thinking? Any policy that disproportionately impacts people on a racial basis would be a racist policy. Ergo a policy that gives non-Scots special treatment would be likely to be heavily favouring non-white people over white people, ergo its is de facto a racist policy.

    I look forward to the usual suspects screaming and wailing outside SNP HQ, and la Sturgeon being denounced as the new Enoch by the BBC and its pals.

  4. “reasonable ta rates for everyone”

    Quite right. You could have “ta”, “thanks”, “cheers, mate”, “merci”, “danke”, “grazie”, “gracias”, “obrigado”, “dank je” and “Dziękuję Ci”. (I had to look that last one up.)

  5. @Jim… heavily favouring non-white people over white people, ergo its is de facto a racist policy.

    You forget… Anything favouring non-white over white is not “racist”.

  6. @ isp

    “….the response tends to be that it is ok as if they move they lose their home, their friends, their childrens friends”

    That is indeed the usual left wing nonsense.

    The fact that the wealthy would in fact sell their home and make new friends or their friends would move with them AND the tax is lost never seems to bother the lefties.

    They were getting (say) £100k out of some taxpayer, they try to squeeze that to £120k and end up with £0.

    The left seem to think that someone else will magically appear and be happy to take that person’s place and pay the £120k.

    I’ve had the argument over footballers. Try to tax them too much and they’ll go elsewhere. The response is that there will always be people who want to play for (e.g.) Man Utd. And so there will be. But no-one any good if tax rates are 95%. So, yep, Man Utd will field a team of former conference league players, playing other teams doing the same. But don’t expect sponsorship deals or crowds or TV money to follow.

    But you can’t argue wit the left. They have dogma and right and justice on their side..

  7. So, a policy illegal under EU Law from a pro EU party

    Really? The French sometimes apply a different tax rate to immigrants, and the Dutch have the “30% regeling” for highly-skilled immigrants, where the first 30% of the salary is tax-free (a big deal given Dutch tax rates).

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    So they are going to take a lot of money away from the voters they do not like – White ones – and give it to voters they do like – non-White, or at least not Scottish – ones?

    Great. So for them it is a win-win. If they drive more White people out of Scotland, they get rid of voters they don’t like.

    Has anyone asked our Scottish contingent what they think?

  9. It is quite simple. Nationalise the land and divide up all the rural areas into smallholdings each with a croft and room for a cow for organic milk, butter and cheese. The Highlands in particular would benefit from this. The immigrants can live off the land and create vibrant communities of extended family groupings living in joyful peace with each other. Why has this never been tried before in Scotland?

  10. “You forget… Anything favouring non-white over white is not “racist””

    Well of course, it goes without saying.

    It would however be amusing to propose the converse (taxing immigrants higher than the natives) and see how long the usual suspects took to call it racist – almost certainly the shortest period of time possible for humans to measure…….

  11. Libertarian cake eating, example 94:

    We shouldn’t tax wages too much because people will move but the euro can’t work because people don’t move.

  12. @BiG

    In fairness the degree of moving required may not be (well, simply isn’t) the same in those two cases. For higher tax rates on the highest paid to turn out to be fiscally negative you only need perhaps a few tens of thousands of very highly skilled (and generally mobile) people to move away, or potential incomers not to move in. For a single currency area to be well-equipped to handle shocks, you need millions of people to be flexible about moving around, particularly ones at the lower end of the income scale who have been negatively impacted by eg industrial decline in their home state. At present I believe intra-eurozone migration is still well below the level of inter-state labour flows in the US but the stats I read on that may be a bit dated.

  13. The Pedant-General

    “Any policy that disproportionately impacts people on a racial basis would be a racist policy. ”

    Possibly “should be”, possibly actually in actual reality “is”, but that is to misunderstand quite comprehensively the SJW mindset. It’s racist if/because the right people say it is. That’s the only definition the wrong people need to worry about.

  14. Aberdeen has the highest proportion of foreign residents in Scotland, with one in four born outside the UK. Of the 228,000 people living in the city, 55,000 were not born in the UK. I guess when the figure rises to one in two, Sturgeon will deem it a success. One assumes the Aberdonians are perfectly happy with this.

  15. “It’s racist if/because the right people say it is.”

    Well quite.

    Rather like the case of the German company who depicted Megan Markle in her wedding dress as one of their chocolate marshmallows in an ad – this depiction of her ethnicity was decreed ‘racist’ and was followed by a grovelling apology by the company. In the meantime every SJW going was having an orgasm over the fact that the royal family now has ‘a black woman’ in it.

    I’m fast coming to the conclusion that many (if not all) white SJWs are in fact suppressed real racists – they cannot see a depiction of a black person, even in an as neutral a scenario as above, without assuming that it is in some way derogatory, because they see see black people that way themselves, and project that feeling onto whoever made the image.

  16. A cultural awareness course I did they used racism definitions based on power dynamics, including historical ones. So if a country is pre-dominantly white (so govt/establishment will be) then whites are racist, non-whites can never be racist under that definition.
    If you ask if they opposite would be true in a predominantly non-white country or at what point as a country diversifies this becomes untrue then the history bit kicks in. So it seems like because Britain had an empire all white Brits are forever racist

  17. Following optimal taxation theory, we could tweak taxes rates to be as individual as a Ryanair fare.

    Single young people with skills can move easily, so they get low tax rates. Parents with children in a desirable catchment area are unlikely to move, so tax them to the eyeballs. Private renters can move easily, homeowners less so, social housing tenants least of all. People with regular medical requirements aren’t going to emigrate, so add a few % to them. People who speak a rich-country foreign language (i.e. German, not Romanian) might leave, so tax them a bit less. Women would be taxed more, men less.

    Tens of thousands of civil servants would be employed to determine everyone’s tax rate – though their own rate would be particularly high, given their secure jobs.

  18. A policy that taxes immigrants at a lesser rate than the pasty faced mugs who happen to be born there is the most Progressive thing ever. A massive, massive vote winner. For someone.

  19. “smallholdings each with a croft”: the smallholding is a croft. A croft is a smallholding.

  20. The Pedant-General


    I fear you are engaging in pendantry. “Croft” has, I believe, a secondary – less precise I grant you – meaning of “rather sad low rural hovel”, i.e. the building itself, rather than the building-and-the-land-around-it.

    Declaration of interest: I used to be responsible for registering Crofts on behalf of the Crofting Commission who were, incidentally, the single most concentrated bunch of yogurt-knitting nutcases and fruitloops in Scottish politics. That’s a high bar in case you haven’t been keeping up.

  21. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I think Wee Jimmy Krankie is facing the fact that as much as her lunatic band of Demented Porridge Wogs would like to put one in the eye of the Saxons, the prospect of being a cold and wet version of Venezuela is not as appealing as one might think. And the minimum alcohol pricing is already testing the limits of what you can do when people are free to move about willy-nilly.

  22. I fear you are engaging in pendantry.

    One man’s pendantry is another man’s accuracy. By God, there’s an idea. A tax on inaccuracy. Why has no one thought of it?

  23. Pedantry.

    On some blogs it’s considered pedantic to point out that the host is factuslly completely and utterly wrong.

    Spud: horses can fly.

    Me: no they can’t

    Spud: everyone knows the context I was speaking in. If you’re going to engage in petty pendantry this is your last post.

    Brown nosing twat: I agree with you Richard.

    Spud: agreed.

  24. Have met lots of Scottish people. Living outside Scotland.
    Why is that? Is it because they can get better jobs / better pay / better services / better travel outside Scotland?

    You’d think if it was so good then people wouldn’t want to leave.

  25. Bloke in North Dorset

    “It would however be amusing to propose the converse (taxing immigrants higher than the natives) and see how long the usual suspects took to call it racist – almost certainly the shortest period of time possible for humans to measure…….”

    And then you could have some fun using the lefty “they didn’t build that” argument. They’re using infrastructure and resources they or their forebears didn’t pay for so its only right they pay more tax.

  26. There’d have to be some highly skilled jobs in Scotland, or at least some commerce going on for that to work.

    Anyone keen to work in Mogadishu if they offer no tax to highly skilled migrants?

  27. Canada offers tax breaks for people who are prepared to go and live in the Northwest Territories and I believe they are looking at additional incentives for immigrants if they move outside of the larger cities

  28. @Andrew C

    It’s “pendantry”. Definitely on this blog, it’s “pendantry”. Just make sure you don’t spell it correctly beyond the confines of this blog or you’ll be marked out as coming from these parts…

  29. Oh yes, my mistake, it’s only illegal if the Commissioners decide they want to victimise an American firm.

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