This is all just so rare, isn’t it?

A teenage girl falsely accused ex-boyfriend of drugging and raping her when he refused to rekindle their romance, a court heard.

Happens so rarely that we don’t need to take it into account when someone makes a claim in fact.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    There are studies that show up to 40% of all rape allegations are false. Admittedly these tend to be outliers, but there is not a lot of reason to think they are wrong either:

    In 1994, Eugene J. Kanin of Purdue University investigated the incidences of false rape allegations made to the police in one small urban community in the Midwest United States (population 70,000) between 1978 and 1987. He states that unlike in many larger jurisdictions, this police department had the resources to “seriously record and pursue to closure all rape complaints, regardless of their merits”. He further states each investigation “always involves a serious offer to polygraph the complainants and the suspects” and “the complainant must admit that no rape had occurred. She is the sole agent who can say that the rape charge is false”.

    The number of false rape allegations in the studied period was 45; this was 41% of the 109 total complaints filed in this period.[30] The researchers verified, whenever possible, for all of the complainants who recanted their allegations, that their new account of the events matched the accused’s version of events.

    After reviewing the police files, Kanin categorized the false accusations into three broad motivations: alibis, revenge, and attention-seeking. These motivations were assigned prevalence of roughly 50%, 30%, and 20% respectively. This categorization was supported by the details of complainant recantations and other documentation of their cases.

    Kanin also investigated the combined police records of two large Midwestern universities over a three-year period (1986–1988), and found that 50% of the reported forcible rapes were determined to be false accusations (32 of the total 64). No polygraphs were used, the investigations were the sole responsibility of a ranking female officer, and a rape charge was only counted as false under complainant recantation. In this sample, the motivations mentioned above were roughly evenly split between alibi and revenge, with only one case characterized as attention-seeking.

  2. Wasting Police time?

    They manage that all on their own. The years of HIS life that might have been wasted in stinking chokey –this written on a very lovely morning–does not appear to concern the legal twats.

    As it is the stain of being accused –even of what you didn’t do–will linger forever in the digital age.

    Tho’ under Corbog–as Maduro–the leccy only being on two hours a day will lessen the stigma a bit.

    Computer say……….zzzzzzz.

  3. One of the most disappointing dramas I have ever seen was ITV’s Liar, shown last year, with Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffudd, which centred on an allegation of rape, and initially looked as if it would deal with a highly topical subject in an even handed fashion. Two believable characters, a respected surgeon and a rather more mentally fragile female teacher, and a first date which looked innocent enough but was then followed by the allegation. I was a bit uneasy when I read one commentator who said would TV actually show a woman making a false allegation. And so it proved. Cowardice and political correctness triumphed. The man gradually became a pantomime villain, who even rapes the policewoman investigating the case! The chance of a serious thought provoking drama thrown away to make a soap opera with a female heroine.

  4. Mike Fowle

    There was a good article in the Spectator by Rod Liddle on just that topic

    I think the only issue with the statistics quoted by Both Liddle and the great SMFS in the first post here is that the percentage (At least with a current convuiction rate of less than 5%) of false accusations is more than 90% – fair play to the current Met commissioner who suggested the policy, implemented in the Blair era of automatically believing all sexual assault allegations will end. Now we only need to increase the penalties for and begin to bring prosecutions for false accusation against the many liars who make them.

  5. There were two unrelated cases inside 18 months within only about 5 miles of me. After loud publicity in the local press about separate women being attacked and almost raped in a park and in a quiet street there were very, very, low-key admissions weeks later that nothing at all had happened in either case.
    Neither woman was prosecuted so won’t show up in most statistics. Neither case attracted anything other than local attention so I am certain this is a largely-hidden countrywide phenomenon. There must be many more such cases the public don’t hear about at all even locally because they didn’t attract publicity in the first place before it was realized they were false reports.

    I also suspect there is a mountain of false “attempted rape” or “sexual assault” cases which are being largely ignored but which could be almost as devastating as a false rape charge. Such charges are likely to be easier to make and harder to disprove as police would expect less evidence such as DNA anyway, compared to a completed rape.
    See, for example, the Game of Thrones actress/London Underground fiasco where without the tampered CCTV (anyone punished for that yet!?) there would be zero physical evidence at all.

  6. This is off-topic but, for your perusal, two powerful pieces of writing from James LaFond “Baltimore’s Violence Guy”.

    ““I see you!” was the chilling doom that echoed in the mind of J. R. R. Tolkien’s mythic child hero, Frodo the hobbit, whenever he donned the One Ring in the Lord of the Rings movies. This may have not been lifted from Tolkien, but was congruent with his use of the fantastic race of harry-footed midgets as metaphors for the innocence of children faced with a bleakly setting adult world even as their own appreciation of wider human questions dawned.

    On two occasions, this past week, as I prepared to leave Baltimore for New Jersey and points geographically north and morally south, I had two conversations with exceptionally bright minds who have found themselves peering into the pit of evil which is the post-national collective mind. Both of these men are a year two ten younger than I and both came from deeply liberal, backgrounds, raised from their earliest years to believe in doing good for others and to refrain from practicing untruth. Now they find themselves at the edge of a yawning abyss, within which team the overwhelming majority of human minds, convinced one in all that doing good and upholding untruth, caring for the collective and bowing before the weight of the deepest lies, must be conjoined in one’s words, else the thinker be named unclean and cast from the fold.

    To name a woman a woman or a man a man now number among the most heinous sins.

    Liverpool Joe, called me on the phone and was beside himself with guilt apologizing with his first words for throwing me under the thought bus as he explained to me that he wished to apply for a certain job, a job that might enable him to better provide for his wife and children. Unfortunately, in taking the precaution of googling himself, he discovered a single result, a book review of one of my books, which, deep in his mind, he knows, might prevent him from being hired or worse, curse him to be later fired after taking on debt for his family’s sake. I told him, “Bro, take the review down if you have a doubt. I would hate for your approval of my writing to harm you. I’ll be fine.”

    It wrenched his soul, twisting on the vile lie that is the sensibility of our mega-civic hive mind upon which a breadwinner must be impaled lest the teaming insects of our kind lose faith in their improbable Untruth.

    Then, two hours later, I met Joel, a documentary filmmaker, a leftist agitator who was amazed at “how aggressive Baltimore is” as he struggled to park, and not get beat up for the crime of “my complexion.” He had big plans for interviewing me based on his reading of my Harm City work, as he himself is a storied expert of the American urban condition, a man who has been beaten and tortured by police, who has felt the boot heel of the old conservative law enforcement order quite literally as his bones were broken for the crime of complaining that a fellow citizen was being beaten by police.

    Joel had questions about the viability of Baltimore city gentrification, of the direction urban blight might take, of the sustainability of near-suburban sprawl, all for background information he chimed:

    “You must understand, as an independent filmmaker of my complexion, if I wrote an article about your work and failed to roundly condemn you—and even though we may disagree on certain things, your work has value—than I might very well lose a chance for a film grant. You see, the independent film industry is entirely controlled according to the sensibilities of females and blacks—these people hold all of the purse strings and they are very sensitive. We have come to the point where for you to honesty report what you have witnessed is heresy and I cannot attain a position in my field from which to honestly report what I witness, if it is known that I appreciate your work. To even have our name in the same article could be crushing.”

    We continued speaking of urban things and of our shared art of writing, discussing fiction and nonfiction into the night, knowing that are meeting of like minds must remain a perilously held secret.

    This is America.”


    “James, I have just watched a heard-rending video from Vegas. Police with a rifle are screaming at a young, drunk white man who they are making crawl down the hall in a hotel. He is complying and then when his pants begin to come down and he reaches with one hand to pull them up, he is shot dead.”

    -Suzy from Kentucky

    Suzy, we must first understand what the mission of a police force is and how the specifics of that mission are changing in America.

    The only purpose of any police force is to terrorize the population.

    There is no other purpose. To contend otherwise labels you a dreamer, a liar or a fool.

    The specific purpose of police forces in the United States was, from the 1850s through 1980s, terrorizing the lower social classes, which have, in recent historic memory, been African American and Latino. However, with the effective elevation of large portions of these terrorized communities to middle class status and the reduction of much of the former white middle class to poverty, the job of the police will increasingly be the terrorizing and murder and incarceration of white men. More than twice as many white men are brutalized by police than blacks, something blacks should be able to understand as it is a crude, not per-capita, statement of mass. Executions of white men are all over the internet yet no police officer loses his job for this, yet a city will rise up if a black man is killed by cops and be supported by municipal managers who tell the police to stand down.

    In a more general sense, police serve the purpose of terror, which is their central function, when they yell and point weapons, for this succeeds in terrorizing most folk who have this done to them, like me, for instance, when some stupid cunt cop screamed at me while clutching at her weapon for the crime of not letting a young black man attack me from behind, but turning to face him. I was rescued from this insane, coward cunt by a black man in uniform who hasn’t gotten the get whitey memo yet.

    Most importantly, the act of yelling agitates the cop.

    Soldiers, hunters, boxers, duelists, assassins, gunfighters, MMA fighters, wrestlers, none of these highly effective combatants yells. Only karate combatants yell and they fare worse in mixed combat than any other form of combatant.

    When a lion yells it stuns its coward prey into an instant of still tension and it also agitates the lion for a killing frenzy.

    Since the purpose of the police is not to battle other police, but to attack, abduct and terrorize unarmed sheeple, than what is needed is an agitated cop who will override his basic sissy, coward nature to do violence on behalf of his masters by yelling like a deep-throated bitch. Listen to perhaps 20 arrests on You Tube and tell me these cops are not agitated, that most of them are not either afraid or angry.

    Every act of police terror serves the political class.

    Keep in mind, that the most effective combatants of the ancient world were the Spartans, who fought in silence to the tune of flutes, while their opponents, who were generally worth ¼ of a spartan guzzled wine, banged weapons and screamed to get up their nerve for a clash. They were succeeded by other types of silent killers, Agriannian special operations man-hunters, Roman Gladiators….

    When a police officer screams commands his hearing will be compromised to some extent depending on his psychology. His adrenaline will also begin to pump.

    Where the sniper and hunter coolly regulates his breath to better measure the squeeze of his weapon’s trigger the cop yells and screams and begins frenziedly jerking on his trigger, jerking off his iron dick of death to the masturbatory chants of law and order.

    Other state terrorists of early modern times, those who preceded the policemen, were officers, who were armed to murder their own men in the back at close range with militarily ineffective weapons. Chief among these was the corporal, whose very names speaks of punishment.

    The police officer is our officer, our soul driver, the blue hound at our back in the battle we are forced to fight against our own humanity. “

  7. ‘metaphors for the innocence of children faced with a bleakly setting adult world even as their own appreciation of wider human questions dawned.’

    Leaving the gym yesterday evening, there was a group of about 5 black kids sitting outside the entrance, waiting for someone I assume. One made a comment about “the white man” as I passed, though I didn’t hear the detail. I thought, “Son, that just cost you a million dollars.”

    The most prosperous in the U.S. are asians, then whites, then hispanics, and bringing up the rear, blacks. For that kid to declare himself black by noting I’m white ensures his lifelong under achievement.

    As a kid, I knew he was just parroting what he had heard an adult say. No doubt an under achieving adult, which is too subtle for the kid to realize.

  8. The issue I have with “automatically believing” is that it’s not the business of the police to beleive or disbeleve somebody, that’s the business of the court and jury. The police should be gathering evidence regardless of whether they beleive or disbeleive people. Having the police go by their beleifs gives us stuff like the Guildford Four and that dodgy-looking-but-innocent landlord in Bristol.

  9. @ jgh
    No-one has yet produced an alternative culprit but the Guildford victims stayed dead when the “Guildford Four” walked free..
    Next time try choosing someone that you *know* was innocent, not just think he is.

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