This just in from Anne Pettifor

The NHS pays for itself, because all the people who work in it pay tax.

Great, that’s easy then. We don’t tax anyone else to pay for the NHS. We only tax those who work in it because, as we’re told, that tax pays for it anyway.

Note what the real error in her argument is. Student loans don’t cost government anything because all the lecturers employed pay tax.

9 thoughts on “This just in from Anne Pettifor”

  1. Tim–why don’t you put your article about Tommy Robinson up on here?

    It is not to your credit that you are with the likes of Seaman Staines, Ole Holebone and others buying the state’s COCrot.

  2. Confused Old Misfit

    Tim’s right on the case when it’s poor little Dicky Murphy wallowing in confusion. But when a case of real injustice occurs… crickets!

  3. OT, sorry: this is in response to Herr Ecks.

    Staines gives every appearance of being a shill for corporate interests. In an email exchange with me some years ago he described himself as a ‘muckraker’, but since he ascended Murdoch’s rectum he has become something very much worse. You can get a clue from his nauseating idolising of the IDF or his (entirely successful) attempt to conflate anti-Semitism and opposition to Zionism.

  4. Well Tuggie–your interest in Mid-East matters does you credit. I suggest you bop over and help them sort it out.

    In the meantime I care about what is being done to lots of young girls in my nation–and that is being covered up and indeed connived at the CM -infested Boss Class. However imperfect Robinson is –he is trying to do something. Mind you in fairness so are you–you are trying to keep the cover-up ongoing.

    So then what has been your contribution to stopping the abuse of young girls in the UK? Apart from crowing over the jailing of one of the very few trying to do that.

    Much better of course to let that muck lie eh? After all –it isn’t your kids is it?

  5. conflate anti-Semitism and opposition to Zionism

    I conflate anti-Semitism with opposition to Zionism as 99.9% of the mongs who oppose Zionism are anti-Semites. In fact, most people who use the word Zionism in public discourse are anti-Semites.

    It remains an excellent rule of thumb that can be applied to Muzzas, lefties, alt-right sockwankers and even ‘liberal’ Jews (it’s just standard leftist self-hatred and hatred of success).

  6. I’d believe that the bulk of “anti-zionists” weren’t antisemitic if they didn’t constantly use antisemitic tropes with “jews” substituted by “zionists”.

  7. “It doesn’t matter what CEOs are paid because they pay tax, and then when they spend it those who receive is spend tax. In fact, CEO pay just pays for itself because tax.”

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