We can see how this will go, can’t we?

Leave.EU has been fined £70,000 and its chief officer has been referred to the Metropolitan police after the Electoral Commission found it had breached multiple counts of electoral law during the referendum to leave the European Union.

Therefore Brexit shouldn’t happen.

And I’m really not sure that the Remoaners realise quite the rage that such an action would bring about.

18 thoughts on “We can see how this will go, can’t we?”

  1. And when is Remain going to be prosectuted by flagrantly overspending by having the government spend taxpayer’s money duplicating the Remain campaign?

  2. I’m really not sure there would be that much rage (apart from the usual ineffectual Ecksian style rantings). The British are generally happy to be whipped by their masters. It’d probably mean the end of the Conservative Party, so win-win for lefties.

  3. So who is going to charge the electoral commission with blatant politicking? And attempting to involve the police in it as well.

  4. Well, we could kill all the traitors, their apologists, collaborators and enablers, and leave their bodies in the gutters for the crows.

    But then again, I am generally quite relaxed about this sort of thing.

  5. @ jgh
    Some of the remainers have *already* been prosecuted and found guilty. The official “Remain”campaign were fined a massive £1,250, the LibDems were fined £18,000, the European Movement UK have been fined.
    No media headlines for any of those, of course.

  6. It’s a daily rage in my locality, remains the principal topic at the Dog & Duck. It ain’t going away anytime soon.

  7. What’s changed is that we’ve had a glimpse of freedom. Try and take that away and who knows what might happen.

  8. Bollocks PJF.

    The very groundstone of tyranny is “allow ’em no hope”. People take the whip then.

    But once they have won a vastly better world –then the height of folly is to think you can get away with pissing on revived hope. That is when revolutions start.

  9. Bring it on. If you are at all interested in the answer to the question “what makes normally supine Brits take petrol bombs to the streets?”

    However, it won’t come to that. We’ll get our Brexit, no doubt a slightly half-arsed one, but it will be a start.

    I look forward to the time – and it cannot be far off – that AC Grayling starts throwing his faeces in the street.

  10. Remoaners shrieking “this proves Leave bought the result” need to be reminded Remain groups spent £6 Million more.

    Add in the Gov’t £9M “information” booklet and that’s £15 Million more.

    One could justify adding several million more to Remain – EU, Obama, CBI, Universities….

  11. “If you are at all interested in the answer to the question “what makes normally supine Brits take petrol bombs to the streets?”

    Certainly not this:

    Or this:

    If the water or food stops; the light and heat go out; when people have nothing much left to lose – then you’ll get Mr and Mrs Average rioting. But whilst they have nice jobs and nice houses and nice widescreen tellies you can do pretty much what you like with intangibles.

    Freedom of speech? Meh. Constable cunt forces you to let your neighbours burn? Whatev. Brexit? Oh, if only it would just be over one way or another.

  12. You are still full of shit PJF.

    The attack on free speech won’t fucking stand. Six years for criticising the beards? No.

    Glad you brought it up. Here is the their POS pdf with all their load of evil bollocks. Read it, go to the consultation section and fucking let rip. Pass it on to anyone you can think of. Lets give these cunts a “consultation” they will be having nightmares about long after the EU is ancient history.

    I will try to post this on every blog I can. Please do the same. If you are on Twitter–I’m not–please tweet and retweet it everywhere you can. If we fight the bastards we will win. They backed down from jailing Danckula because of the outcry. Now it is time to make them wish they had never got into any of this shite in the first place.


  13. “You are still full of shit PJF.”

    Pleased to be of assistance, Mr Ecks.

    The “attack on free speech” has stood. Your latest keyboard bashing is in response to new sentencing proposals for laws that have already passed. We already don’t have freedom of speech (over which there was no rioting) and now they’re just deciding to up the ante (over which there will be no rioting).

  14. We don’t need to riot to stop their shite. They got the original shite thro by having little publicity and lying about how it would be used. All hate speech laws need to go and esp the extra-brazen CM shite about some turd being offended=comment automatically illegal. Pure CM shite.

    We do need to be purged of losers and defeatists like you.

    Will you be commenting to our dear chums at the Home Office or will you just keep on whining about how hopeless it all is?

  15. Not whining about hopelessness, Mr Ecks; just pointing out how silly it is to talk about regular “Brits” suddenly manning the barricades and hurling Molotov cocktails if the establishment backs out of Brexit.

    Also silly is to expect any government “consultation” to have any relevance to anything except what they’ve already decided to do. But, please, you bash away.

  16. Mr Ecks linked to it above, Pcar (the PDF).

    As usual with these things, you can only respond according to their agenda. There’s no point in saying these things (hatred, etc) should not be crimes, because they already are. Such responses will likely be discarded.

    On page 49, they’re trying to pull a fast one. The law makes a distinction between offenses of racial “hatred” and “hatred” toward people on religious or sexual orientation grounds. But they’re trying to bring forth a single sentencing guideline for all; in my opinion they’re attempting to use a sentencing guideline to effectively change the law.

  17. @PJF

    Ecks link is to 114 page consultation doc, not the 42 page response questionnaire/submission.

    Anyone have url for questionnaire?

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