Well, no, not really

Why it matters: This family has been on the national stage for 26 years — all or most of the lifetime of anyone under 50. Chelsea Clinton, now 38, was 11 when her father, Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton, announced his entry into the race for the Democratic presidential nomination in October 1991. He was 45 then; is 71 now.

There’s an “adult” missing before the lifetime, isn’t there?

12 thoughts on “Well, no, not really”

  1. Can we look forward to a third Hillary run? Or is it Chelsea’s turn? Or are they just going to make themselves richer?

  2. 26 years is actually “most of the lifetime of anyone under 50”. Just by arithmetic.

    Although I think that there are a number of adults missing from the Clinton family.

  3. Remember the Benns and Kinnocks! If only May had the courage to promote a bunch of Kippers to the other place, we might not end up in the plughole of Juncker

  4. I wonder what Chelsea’s CV looks like… Maybe Rocco and Snippa could deal her in with a world-changing role

  5. Why can’t Hillary go back to trading cattle futures? She was real good at that, and it left us in peace.

  6. just wait till the mini-Obamas and Abbotts start infecting the political space – it was bad enough when the Benns and Kinnocks did so

  7. “Diogenes
    May 1, 2018 at 10:02 pm

    I wonder what Chelsea’s CV looks like… Maybe Rocco and Snippa could deal her in with a world-changing role”

    Honestly, its not much barer than Obama’s was when he ran. All she needs is a couple terms in an elected position and they’ll probably try to run her.

  8. Is it only 26 years? Like an hour’s dental appointment for root canal work, it seems much longer.

  9. Diogenes

    mini-Obamas and Abbotts

    Very good…


    I’d give her better odds in the 4.30 at Plumpton.

  10. @Diogenes

    It is one of the tragedies of our time that the romance between Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott produced no issue. Just imagine what might have been!

    Perhaps the vibrations from his motorbike, during their not-at-all-unusual-or-suspicious tour of East Germany, had some unfortunate effect on their respective organs of generation.

  11. So Much For Subtlety

    Incidentally, the American media eventually gets around to asking the important questions – like, is Hillary a hopeless alcoholic?


    I am thinking, no she isn’t. I would like her a hell of a lot more if she was. But go down a few paragraphs to see Chozik’s view of Chelsea. I don’t think we will see the b!tch daughter of the Wicked Witch of the North-East running any time soon.

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