Well, seems reasonable enough to me

Reasons why there are more men at the top of the career ladder in medicine include the fact that taking time out for maternity or carer responsibilities can affect the opportunities women get for career or pay progression, as consultant training takes time and pay progression rates are based on time served.

And why would we want to change that?

11 thoughts on “Well, seems reasonable enough to me”

  1. Because of the squeaky wheels demanding pay-parity despite any niggling little differences that are actually causing said disparity?

    Perhaps we could concentrate on banning people getting pregnant and/or having maternity leave while in such professions? That might solve the problem!!

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Jordan Peterson is right once more – you can have equal opportunities but that means you cannot also have equal outcomes.

    It is going to be next to impossible to stop men working harder and earning more. Some useless women will be promoted above their pay grade and some people will suffer for it. But that won’t change the situation.

    The fact is men work hard and used to be rewarded with honour, respect – and more sex. Women, not so much. As long as it makes sense for men to work harder they will. And women won’t. Learned parasitism.

  3. Given what a doctor earns you have to feel that taking time off is a personal choice rather than an economic one (e.g difference in pay between partners, cost of childcare) so I assume they are going to allow maternity (and paternity I assume) leave to be counted as time served I guess. The problem with this is where do you stop, maternity counts time served, what about time in rehab for a recovering alcoholic?

  4. Clearly demonstrated on this evening’s news:
    Female Doctor: I don’t why we get less, we put in the same number of hours I think….


  5. Female Doctors do not put in the same number of hours.

    COI. I’m a male Doctor.

    Many younger Doctors are noticeably thick.

  6. Group politics invades the 1 percenters.

    ‘Jeremy Hunt vows to tackle gender pay gap in medicine’

    Government will fix it. Interference with the marketplace is why modern governments exist. They don’t exist to protect their citizens.

    I see fewer men entering the field.

  7. “I see fewer men entering the field.”

    Or getting rid some of the ones that are already there.

    Before they retire, of course, because their pension funds have hit the £1m lifetime allowance…

  8. Can we force women to apply for higher stress positions, force women to just have a few weeks off to give birth then back full time and working same hours / shifts as males? Can we force women to work full time only?

    They want the pay, they can damn well do the hours.

  9. Andy: That’s the point I was making, the female interviewee was inadvertantantly stating that female doctors *dont’* put in the same number of hours. Maybe it needed to be heard to get the effect:
    I don’t know why we get paid less, (grumpy/whiney)we put in the same number of hours…. (reflects)I think….

    ie: “I have absolutely no evidence that we put in the same number of hours, and I actually don’t even know if there is any such evidence, and it’s likely that any evidence is to the contrary, I’m just making an assertion that we do”

  10. So Much For Subtlety

    Martin – “Can we force women to apply for higher stress positions, force women to just have a few weeks off to give birth then back full time and working same hours / shifts as males? Can we force women to work full time only?”

    We can! Countries where men are reliable providers, like Sweden, have fewer female millionaires and fewer women in high stress high paid jobs than countries where men are not, like Brazil. Or more obviously China.

    British women obviously expect their menfolk to be good providers and so they relax into part time work. The obvious solution is for British men to become lying cheating [email protected] Stop supporting their wives and children. Deny any little [email protected] is theirs. Once British women realise that they will have to look after themselves, they will take their careers seriously.

    It is a dirty job but in the name of gender equality, we have no choice but to cheat, lie and refuse to pay child support. Do it for your daughters! So that they might live in a more gender equal society!

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