Alternatively, researchers have shown that health spending is one of the best ways to stimulate the economy, so the government could opt against tax increases in the short term and instead let healthcare spending act as a fiscal stimulus, at least until purchasing power had increased.

Seriously? Who the hell has claimed that?

14 thoughts on “Whut?”

  1. I thought the sugar tax would both reduce sugar consumption so much that nobody would suffer diabetes or heart disease again; and that the sugar tax would also pay for more doctors ‘n’ nurses? Unsurprisingly, the gaping maw of the NHS still demands more.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Well markets are motivated by a certain type of Animal Spirits.

    So I suppose if the economy was tanking and the government offered free breast implants all around it might cheer people up.

    But I am not sure. Still in the interests of science I think we should try.

  3. Orwell was there first: Duckspeak.

    They are just talking to give their Adam’s Apple a workout.

    The evil of subjectivism lies–literally–at the black heart of socialism. Increasingly it isn’t even necessary or even possible to analyse and refute their crazy tripe any more than you can decipher word salad.

    Plausibility to the dim is increasingly the only standard they have or employ.

  4. Researchers for the Medical Care Providers Association say that healthcare spending is the best possible application of money in any shape or form.

  5. Ann Pettifor.

    On the Daily Politics last week she claimed all health spending pays for itself.

    Also, that the NHS isn’t funded by tax, but by issuing gilts (some of it is currently, but she definitely said all).

    See her contribution from 10.55 here.

    At 15.30 she explains that since NHS staff pay tax, “it pays for itself the NHS because it employs so many people”.

    Pettifornomics is becoming the norm in Corbyn/Ritchie circles.

    It needs a full on expose, and rebuttal.

  6. I have £5. I am contemplating buying a Big Mac for lunch, but the Man from the Ministry comes along and takes it from me. He gives it to a nurse who goes and buys a Big Mac.

    Thus is the economy stimulated.

    Do I have that right?

  7. Is she really saying that healthcare spending is a fiscal stimulus and that tax increases are also a stimulus? She is dumber than Capt Potato

  8. Alternatively, researchers have shown that health spending is one of the best ways to stimulate the economy

    See? Obama did the US a favor by failing to “bend the cost curve”!

  9. I’m going to slimming world, and intend to buy a bike soon. Can I have a tax cut to help pay for these health-related things.
    After all, as Ann Pettifor claims, it will pay for itself.

  10. The nhs pays for itself because of all those people who work for it and pay taxes?!I

    No politician can actually say that and not be shown for the utter moron he/she is, surely?

  11. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Shock new report: piggies say that filling their troughs with more slop will stimulate the economy.

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