Wjhat hell’s up with Twitter?



15 thoughts on “Wjhat hell’s up with Twitter?”

  1. I got a rapidly flashing screen on the ‘new’ Twitter app on Win10. Went to the web page (in Chrome) – same result. I cancelled the Google attempt to automatically log in (it appeared that I was already logged in) and the problem went away.

    Hope this helps.

  2. I had the same as Chris Miller this morning in Chrome – went to the Edge, logged in after re-selecting options, it sorted itself.

  3. 4. Lauren Southern – Tommy Robinson Sent to Prisonv
    Defence: He will be murdered if jailed
    Judge: He new what he was getting into, he can be murdered

    Tommy Robinson arrested & jailed for no reason

    Ex PC comments

    I feel the same: upset & furious

    What sort of Nation persecutes a man who seeks to expose mass sexual abuse and depravity? The answer is – the Nation that we have become in 2018.

  4. 5. Hmm From:

    PeterSweden Verified Account

    I think I know why the UK has placed a gagging order on the arrest and jail sentence of Tommy Robinson. They are afraid that Tommy’s fans will cause a riot. But they have a greater chance of riot if they censor people from talking about it, very unsmart move. Btw, don’t riot.



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