A parked car belonging to an imprisoned man cannot be moved whilst he is in jail because he has a blue badge, a council has said.

The vehicle, which is said to belong to David Marks, has been reportedly sat outside Croydon Crown Court for months after Mr Marks parked there to attend his own hearing.

Local residents have now raised questions over the car, asking why it has been allowed to take up the disabled bay for so long, despite no one using it.

But the council has confirmed it has no intentions of moving the vehicle as it parked there legally.

The Smart car has been sitting outside the court since Mr Marks, from Bromley, was jailed earlier this year.

He reportedly drove the car to court where he was sentenced for racially or religiously aggravated harassment. After being found guilty of one count and pleading guilty to a second he was jailed for 12 months on April 13.

How lovely.

And no, we don’t have exceptions. It’s legal, on your way then matey. That he’s in jail, on holiday, simply wants to leave his car where it’s legally parked? It’s legally parked and there’s an end to it.

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  1. Or how about the much-vaunted British Common Sense™ approach?

    The council tows the car and returns it to the owner upon release. At their expense.

  2. Since he is disabled and no tough guy from the look of him he is likely inside for no more than exercising his right to free speech.

    Most likely this is being publicised in the hope the car will be stolen or vandalised.

  3. Odd. Sounds like they’re just not trying. Any car parked on the public highway can be legally removed on the grounds that it is causing an obstruction. Legally parked or not.
    Unless “outside Croydon Crown Court” means in the car-park outside. Can’t help notice from the picture there’s no sign identifying it as a disabled parking space. Was still a requirement last time I heard. In which case whether a vehicle can be parked & for how long is at the discretion of the controlling authority.

  4. If he’s in jail long enough – and for a “hate crime” he might be – at some point his tax & insurance will run out. Then I expect the LA to consider the vehicle abandoned so they can take it away and crush it.

    They’re just planning ahead.

  5. An unusually sensible and law-abiding approach from the State – unusual these days, especially as he is a ‘hate criminal’ and therefore suitable for anything to be done to him.

  6. Judging by the comments, perhaps they are going for the more subtle route – point it out in public, say “no no its perfectly legal” and then wait for the local scum to steal it.

  7. The Meissen Bison

    If the owner is put away for twelve months, then presumably the tax disc (or whatever they call it now) and the MOT will expire during the period so no longer legal.

    Plod says “yum yum” if he can tear himself away from fb and it’s a sunny day.

  8. A simple solution might be to post a “No Parking between 2:00 and 3:00 AM Daily” sign there. That would give the local authorities the right to tow if people become bothered by the long term parker.

  9. “Since he is disabled and no tough guy from the look of him he is likely inside for no more than exercising his right to free speech”

    Turns out he also exercised his right to plead guilty. Weird how the law works here in Britain isn’t it.

  10. That is cos of “plea bargaining” bullshit Rusty.

    Where the cunts promise you less time in stinking chokey if you cough to free speech being hate speech–ie Marxist tyranny.

    It works well enough to get 83% conviction rate for the US Fedscum–cos the victims of the scummy scam prefer say 5 years for something they didn’t do to a NG plea and 1000 years if the carefully vetted and bullshitted jury swallows the state’s bollocks.

  11. But a blue badge doesn’t give you all-day parking rights where we live. You have to put up one of those little cardboard clockface thingies showing when you arrived. If you overstay you are committing an offence and one of Nigeria’s Finest will nick you.

  12. @dearieme, June 14, 2018 at 4:28 pm

    iirc the clock thing is for when parked in a No Parking area eg yellow/double-yellow. Red routes excepted.

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