Anyone bother to pay for the Telegraph?

Care to send me the text of this piece?

England’s £160 World Cup kit is made in Bangladesh by workers on 21p an hour

Yes, I know I should be able to read it for free but I can’t. System won’t allow me even to log in.

Ah, OK, so that’s sorted already then.

14 thoughts on “Anyone bother to pay for the Telegraph?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Ha! They have seen you coming and know what you are likely to say.

    I say good for them. If people in Britain want to pay that much and people in Bangladesh will work for that little, it does no harm to charge (or pay) all the market will bear. Or not.

    BTW I find it hard to believe anyone pays for what the Telegraph has become. I guess there has been a slow decline in literate Conservatives politically dim enough to not notice what trash the Tellie has become.

  2. It has indeed but they do still have a couple of decent columnists Allister Heath and AEP for example to name but two and it is the least bad of the lot (not saying much to be sure).

  3. My biggest gripe with production in Bangladesh is that it means I have to go there next month: Chittagong. Never heard anyone have a good thing to say about the place (except our CEO who has never been outside the 5 star hotel in Dakah and doesn’t see why everyone moans about the place).

    Colleague of mine turned up at a shoe factory in Comilla when an impromptu strike occurred and had the windows of the car he was in smashed with bricks.

  4. Agree with the Bloke in Italy – of course the deterioriation has been stark and areas like the Women’s section are distinguishable from the KCNA output only by the relative literacy and lack of hyperbole from the Pyongyang based organisation, but there are still enough reasonable columnists (Phil Johnston and Booker for example) and as he mentions what are the alternatives? The Guardian and FT?

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Van_Patten – “as he mentions what are the alternatives?”

    It is a sad day when we have to buy a paper written by lizards because the other papers are written by worse lizards.

  6. SMFS
    You don’t have to buy your news. Even many hard copy newspapers are free these days. Their business model is a tiny bit fucked in many cases. But you get what you pay for!

    (and in the case of the freesheet Evening Standard, which I read on the train home, that’s a never ending stream of anti-Brexit anti-May pro anything lefty trendy SJWish bile from a very very very bitter man. Pravda was more balanced).

  7. Patrick

    Totally agree – The ES is like reading one of the North Korean/Russian funded blogs on Facebook which were pro- Corbin in the election. And the female columnists really need to be sent to Eastern Syria for a reality check.

    SMFS – it is indeed a rum state of affairs….

  8. The minimum wage in the garment industry in Bangladesh is apparently 5300 Taka per month, compared to 1500 Taka in industries without specific agreements. 5300 Taka is about 47 quid, which suggests about 5 ten hour days per week.

    21p an hour seems terrible to those earning maybe 100 times more, but in Bangladeshi terms, it is more than three times the base minimum wage.

  9. I’m fairly sure that Tim has mentioned this before. The desires of western SJWs to improve the salary of Bangladeshi garment workers cannot be allowed to decouple their salary from other Bangladeshi salaries without chaos ensuing.

    In Bangladesh.

    Where few NYT or Guardian readers ever venture. (Although they might allow their kids a brief trip to sneer at the un-woke natives {Apple insisted that should be U.N.!}). So who cares? Right?

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    I know I’ve posted it before but anyone who whingeing about labour conditions in Bangladesh clothing factories should be made to listen to this series:

    And then smashed over the head with a clue bat that says “The Bangladeshi government won’t let western companies own the factories”.

    As for the Telegraph, it seems to being going out of its way to be the SJWs papers of choice, which will never happen but has pissed off its natural readers. Mrs BiND buys the Saturday edition for the puzzle page (I do the Kakuro and read the bridge column) and the rest of it lies unread until recycling day.

  11. As for the Telegraph, it seems to being going out of its way to be the SJWs papers of choice

    I only read the online edition, at least the free bits, due to living in foreign but it really does seem that way. I suspect it is a reflection of the staff demographic. Most of the young, badly-paid hacks and hackettes will be middle-class London 20somethings ie as damply and narrow-mindedly ‘liberal’ as you like.

  12. My 74 y.o. father buys the hard copy everyday from the village shop. Mainly for the sudoku and Matt, and the routine and the exercise. He’s never been very political so there’d be little point in my asking if he’s noticed it’s change in direction and I doubt he’d notice its dumbing down, not least because both of those things have happened over the course of about a decade since Conrad Black left. But it may well be people like the old ancestor who are the Telegraph’s last gasp.

  13. @Dongguan John – “Never heard anyone have a good thing to say ” – never been there, but I hear tell that it is full of the same sort of charm as the rest of the subcontinent. You have got to go with the flow and just let it all happen around you, then perhaps you might warm to the place.
    Try going to a chai stall on the street corner, have tea and a biscuit, see how long it takes to fall into conversation ….

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