Are we going to suspend elections over Brexit, have a national government?

I think this an interesting idea. I know there are many who think that civil unrest post Brexit is possible, and even probable. I have long said I do. I am also aware that some think that this could lead to the suspension of normal politics. But Ivan’s thesis adds an interesting twist. What he suggests is that a minority government might seek to create a National Government and suspend elections as if we were in a wartime environment where the normal processes of democracy have to be put on hold for ‘the duration of the crisis’.

Is this possible? With the current government I think anything possible. And whilst I can see no reason for the SNP and, by then, the DUP to support such a call, what of Labour, and even the LibDems who could help hold the balance of power in such a situation? I really can’t call that. Given how frightened most English politicians are of the right wing media Ivan might be right.

If so we are really heading for dark times. The ‘duration of the crisis’ could be very protracted on this basis.

Well, yes. The idea that we’ve got a right wing media is amusing in itself.

But, if we get to go to war again – even metaphorically – against the Germans and the French then why not? What value democracy against such joys?

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  1. I have already been in the back garden and dug up and depresevated in anticipation an old ‘FN FAL 7.62 SLR’

  2. Not clear what the fuckwit is suggesting.

    That wicked “right-wing” Brexiteers –large numbers of whom are my-Dad-voted-Labour-but I’m -still -a-Patriot folks—are so scared of the billions and trillions of Remain supporters ( who couldn’t win on the day despite every advantage and whose numbers are in decline since due to their own and EU arrogance and bad behaviour) that we are going to declare martial law?

    Or is the buffoon suggesting that his Remain gang do so?

    If a civil war is what the cunt wants he is welcome. Before the Referendum aftermath I would never have believed how much treason and vile Womi shite exists in this country. 2 to 3 million tops but infested everywhere esp round any source of power. A chance to finish the womi and the Frankfurt School scum who created them would be very beneficial because if such scum win there is no worthwhile future–prob for the world in total.

  3. In the US, leftists insist that the media is Right Wing, because the media companies are all Corporations, and Corporations are inherently Right Wing.
    In the UK, leftists insist that the media is Right Wing, because the Established Government runs the media, and the Establishment is inherently Right Wing.

  4. I’m fairly sure Horrocks is quite happy to suspend democracy if he and his ilk are in charge. It would be hard to over – emphasise how evil he is – truly a man for whom life has no value other than in service to the cause of Global socialism:

    He does have the virtue of being more literate than Murphy but given recent discoveries have suggested people in Neolithic times might have had more knowledge of economics than Murphy, so it’s very much a back handed compliment. Here’s a flavour of Horrocks. Caution advised if you’re new to him….

    ‘However, we also need to throw into the mix an election pending in 2020. I suspect that if we have economic upheaval combined with emerging social unrest – or even the obvious sniff of both – politics may take a nasty turn. Personally I doubt there’ll be a right wing coup in the form that we normally understand that term. My reason for saying that is that the degree of hegemony enjoyed by the Tory party and its associated entities (e.g. so called ‘think tanks’), supporting media and other institutions (i.e. the ‘Right’ in general) in the UK is such that a call for a ‘national government’ and the suspension of the 2020 elections will be sufficient (I accept that many people might see this as a form of coup, of course). Given what we saw in 2010 I think it highly likely the majority of the public will go along with that and they will be aided in coming to this conclusion – and then maintaining it – by the Brexit supporting/right wing media – including I have to say (sadly) the BBC.’

    ‘Overall there’s no doubt that Brexit has already redefined what the UK is – its identify and standing in the world, and its culture and social and economic life, which includes our politics, of course. There’s no doubt this is the new ‘normal’ and the normal is going to get even more extreme and polarised over the next few years. But there will be no anti Brexit or any other kind of “revolution” – just as there never was at the time of the Great Depression, or at other times in history when other countries and continents were undergoing significant change. And there will be no right wing “coup” either. There’s simply no need for it. Then, as now, this country was under a degree of hegemonic control by the “ruling classes” (call them elites if you want) that other countries can only dream of and have spent years and billions of dollars trying to replicate (witness contemporary Russia and China).’

  5. They lost a vote, so want to suspend democracy and rule by force.

    All their self-justifications, “is this possible?”, and “right wing media” strawmen will never conceal the their true nature, that they are totalitarians.

  6. Pure projection. Like the Left in the US, before President Trump’s election, predicted that the ‘Right’ would get violent, it was actually the left that did so.
    I’d bet that it’s the remainers who are itching to do bodily injury to patriots.

  7. Horrocks was once a regular contributor to Murphy’s blog as one of the Gang of Four, although his sloganeering Momentum-handbook comments showed a lack of any original thought. For some time he has been absent there but has now emerged with the newly-crafted lunatic conspiracy theories of a man with only the most tenuous of links with reality.

    The parallels with a historical figure with a grievance and a small moustache are apposite.

  8. Bravefart

    Absolutely agree with you. He had disappeared, evidently into a ‘Control Left’ bunker (‘Progressive pulse’). I actually thought he might have died but it appears he is still out there somewhere, peddling ideas long thought discarded into the dustbin of history. However, such detritus has no difficulty finding a ready and willing audience with comfortably the most ignorant commentator extant in cyberspace, a man whose output comprises the flotsam and jetsam of the human mind with a degree of hubris that would be thought inappropriate for a Hollywood superstar, let alone a seventh rate academic in a three bedroom semi in Ely.

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