Blimey, isn’t this a surprise?

As a chartered town planner since 2011, I know all too well what people think of my profession. And as a district councillor in Lichfield, I am also acutely aware of the challenges council planning teams face.

So it was good to see Grand Design’s Kevin McCloud speaking up for underpaid, undervalued council planners.

Just such a surprise to see someone arguing for moar money for people like me.

14 thoughts on “Blimey, isn’t this a surprise?”

  1. A district councillor in a small city council in an area that is somewhat rich?
    The council planning department have created plenty of problems in the past couple of decades. I blame them for the idiotic traffic issues I face going in and out of Lichfield.
    Underpaid, perhaps. Undervalued? More like an overinflated view of their own value.

  2. Is he planning control (aka stopping development) or planning design (aka imposing development)?

  3. Council planners are the people who approve, or reject, developments. When their decision goes against what people want, they can become public enemy No 1. When a proposal to turn a two-bed semi into a miniature Windsor Castle is turned down, people don’t talk about poor architecture and lack of context.

    Thinks they’re God and their view is entirely objective.

    Town planning is a fantastic profession. But with significant reductions in funding following the recession, local authority planning teams are losing experience, and there is a clear shortage of planners. Between 2009 and 2016, there has been a reduction in funding of 55%, according to the Home Builders Federation [pdf].

    A reduction of funding apparently equates to a shortage??

    If you also factor in the higher pay available in the private sector, it becomes clear why councils struggle to retain the very best planners.

    Trying to figure out where in the private sector there’s a demand for town planners. Failed. Maybe I’m just thick? Oh it’s for prior town planners to figure out how to get around their thicker counterparts in local government demands, isn’t it?

    My profession is underloved

    That will be because you’re a shower of meddling, self important cunts.

    Being a town planner often requires a thick skin.

    So thick you don’t feel the need to go sobbing to a national newspaper, right?

  4. Council planners – those who imposed the detested brutalist concrete monoliths & jungles on UK

    Today they impose perverse congestion on UK roads too.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    I employed a qualified town planner when we were building broadband radio sites c.2007 to market trial our service.

    A very useful guy to have around, especially when a London council turned down our application to install our equipment on an existing radio tower with space, in accordance with planning guidelines.

  6. BlokeInTejas,

    Town planning, a profession?

    Only in Cappadocia.

    SIDESHOW BOB: “Cecil, no civilization in history has ever considered Chief Hydrological Engineer a ‘calling’.”

    (Cecil glares at Bob, and clears his throat)

    SIDESHOW BOB: “Yes, yes, the Cappadocians, fine.”

  7. Baron Jackfiel;d


    You only have to visit Coventry too see that municipal planners can do more damage to a city than the Luftwaffe!

  8. I shared a flat with a budding town planner for one ear of uni. He and his mates were pointless dicks already. It was either pre-selection or they had really good lectures early on.

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