Dame Margaret, Lady Hodge

She has been one of the fiercest critics of companies and institutions which fritter away taxpayers’ money.

But now the veteran Labour MP, Dame Margaret Hodge, is seeking a salary for a voluntary post at a university, it has emerged.

Dame Margaret, the former chair of the public accounts committee, applied to be Chair of Council at Royal Holloway, University of London, which was advertised as an unpaid position.

However, sources have claimed that the former minister said that she would only take up the post if it came with an income of £20,000 per annum.

Dame Margaret, who has served as MP for Barking since 1994, was honoured by the Queen in 2015 for her political and public services.

A source told The Sunday Telegraph said that the university role “attracted well over 100 good applicants when it was advertised. So lots of capable people wanted to volunteer to give back to support the University.

“Royal Holloway University’s statutes, or laws, forbids the University from paying their Chair of the Council a salary. The post has to be done for free. This did not deter our Labour MP who is not willing to do the job for nothing, even though it had been advertised as a voluntary job. A very socialist approach to volunteering and the public good.”

Ritchie doesn’t give evidence without cash support either. What is it?

And yes, when asked to give expert evidence to aid in jugging some criminals I did indeed do it for free.

10 thoughts on “Dame Margaret, Lady Hodge”

  1. Socialists project. Their attitude towards people with money and wealth are a projection of how they would behave if they were in a position of wealth. The tightest, meanest, most money grabbing people with money are leftists.

  2. Also past time that the entire jobs for the boys/bags was stopped via a hefty dose of illegality.

    After sacking the SCS en masse on standard Eck’s terms it would be good to ensure that the twats would not get any of the usual job/sinecure offers. Thus those who haven’t saved heavily would –to quote Sean Gabb–“be working 14 hours a day in double-glazing telesales to try and pay their mortgage”.

    Although didn’t the MPricks make cold-calling DG telesales illegal or summat? Probably on the advice of some jumped up SCS coprolite because that is how and why they do everything.

    Quell ironic nespar?

  3. The Unused Testicle

    She only wants the money so that she can pay tax on it to help the sick and needy.

    On yus, really.

  4. Oh look, DMH appears on Spud’s blog…


    “The very fact that videos like this can be and are made is some indication of the change in tax culture over the last decade.”

    Yes, Google’s YouTube means you can make videos like this and distribute around the world to be seen by millions, at near to zero cost to you. So stop saying Google doesn’t pay it’s way you twat.

  5. @CF
    Yes, Stemcor is the family firm. One that paid very little CT on billions of turnover, for the simple and obvious reason that it made a loss. But that doesn’t stop the obnoxious crone banging on about Amazon etc ‘not paying their taxes’.

    She should be in the dictionary under the definition of ‘champagne socialist’.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    Volunteering is so neo liberal.

    Seriously though, most of the people I know who volunteer are conservative or classical liberal. I can’t think of any lefties* who volunteer.

    *I know a few old style Labour voters but wouldn’t class them as modern day lefties.

    PS I write this from a proper music festival where lots of people have given up a lot of time to do things like cleaning toilets, picking up litter etc to raise money for local good causes. We’ve about 1,000 paying to attend.

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