Again, America is not perfect and it’s undoubtedly true that some women have been harmed, harassed, and hassled by some men. It is not true that this rises to anything like the level of oppression suffered by other women elsewhere. To assert so is not just a delusion, it is ridiculous.

Consider this: Current debates over female reproductive rights in the U.S. seem to be concentrating upon whether employers must righteously pay for contraception, whether justice requires taxpayer funding of abortion infrastructure (even if not the act itself). Significant parts of the world are still pondering whether forced female genital mutilation is both just and, or only, righteous. To percieve those as equal violations of women’s rights is an obscenity.

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  1. A great article Tim, and it would be good to crowdfund an attempt to forcibly airlift the ‘700 experts’ into the remaining ISIS territory to see if that got them a sense of perspective. Won’t stop the BBC and Guardian quoting this survey ad nauseam, of course

  2. If you would like a proofreader, Tim, (you evidently need one), my rates are modest. My skills are born out of pendantry and honed on the abysmal writing abilities of modern engineering graduates.

  3. The Meissen Bison

    employers must righteously pay for contraception

    This is only reasonable if there is a chance that an employee might conceive as a result of doing their job.

  4. ‘America is not perfect and it’s undoubtedly true that some women have been harmed, harassed, and hassled by some men.’

    Why is this about a country? These are not national issues.

  5. In addition to the self-serving and inapt comparisons between Western women and those in the 3rd world many in the “comfort class” tend to ignore mens’ plights entirely, thereby allowing them to compare their existence to a mythical patriarchal utopia.

  6. @ TMB
    They get money from their job, so they can go out for the evening and/or buy perfume and nice clothes and they get to meet men. If they get half-cut and spread their legs it’s because their earnings from their job enable to buy booze. So if they get pregnant it is as a result of doing their job.
    Strict logic is not permissible when talking to feminists

  7. in how many countries can a woman get state backing to steal a man/s house, money and children?

  8. Bloke in Germany in Philadelphia

    Paying for our employees’ contraception is extremely cost effective.

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