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I know precisely nothing about Banks’ business dealings, don’t even know how he made his pot. But meeting people to discuss whether to do a deal with them is how he will now be spending his business life. Actually running a business isn’t what he does any more. Trying to work out which business to do next – and more importantly, which not to – is what he does do.

We can translate this into Guardian/Observer terms if we wish. Cadwallader and her work will be managed by whoever it is that edits the Observer these days. There’s also a managing director there who manages things like print runs, distribution and so on – that’s how newspapers work, two management sets, one for content, the other for practical stuff. Up at the parent company level there’s GMG. The CEO of which doesn’t spend any time at all “managing” the newspapers. Their job (umm, used to be the bird who went off to run Easyjet I think?) is to think through which deals the group should be doing. Which radio stations/car magazines should the group buy via offshore tax havens, which should it sell and when?

At a certain level business is about what do we do next, what do we stop doing? And meeting all the chancers and grifters out there to find those few one wishes to consummate a cash relationship with.

Banks talked with Russians? That’s the job, as with Eric and Donald Jr.

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  1. Jeremy Corbyn meets with the agents of a Communist Bloc country, and thats perfectly innocent, totally understandable and not at all a stain on his character. A business man who is no involved in the running of the country, and never will be has meetings with some unidentified Russians, and he’s undermining democracy.

    Thats seems about equal………

  2. I once ended up taking a meeting with someone who it turned out wanted to build the worlds largest pyramid (by far) somewhere in Africa based on something to do with Atlantis. This has left me forever tainted as being in the pocket of the Atlantiseans.

    You meet some strange people in the process of sifting through investment propositions.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    They are simply deluded and are clutching at straws. They cannot accept that the voters rejected them for the Bright Orange God Emperor that is Trump. He is just not the sort of person decent clubs admit.

    So instead of dealing with it, they are inventing even more baroque explanations for why the election is null and void. They make the Birthers look reasonable by comparison.

  4. Isp

    For real? Great anecdote if true! Though one wonders many things, such as how they intended to fund it…

  5. The Meissen Bison

    The baffling aspect to this ST and Observer story is the assumption that all of Arron Banks’s activities are of necessity linked to one another.

  6. I feel I must declare that I once had a couple of meetings with some guys who wanted to fleece raise money from western investors to build logistics depots and networks in Russia.

    Also, the other meetings about abandoned/stranded Soviet oil assets, Hungarian biopharmaceutical engineers, Indonesian taxi firms, Vietnamese milk producers, Cuban golf courses and Scottish forests, just to be clear.


  7. In the same way you work for the ESpew Facepainter.

    And for the same reason–treason and treachery– rather than a sell-out for cash. For money is bad enough. But to promote evil for nothing –just because you like evil–puts you both as the lowest of the low.

    At least the EU hasn’t yet murdered 150 million. And will likely now never get the chance. Thank God.

  8. I dated a girl – nearly 50 years ago – who claimed to be a direct descendant of Charlemagne. I thought it quaint at the time.

    But I realize now, she probably had links to a Neo Holy Roman Empire group. How else would she have known?

    Are remnants of the Hanseatic League still stirring?

    Nothing is as it seems. Just ask the Left.

  9. I spent three (winter) months in Siberia during the brief period in the mid-90s when it was a democracy and talked to lots of Russians who wanted some capital investment from western investors to launch projects that were blocked or (more often) just ignored by Gosplan; I even wrote investment reports on the best prospects .
    So I suppose that makes me a Russian stooge according to Cadwallader – No, wait! – I voted “Remain” (because I reckoned that we couldn’t reform the EU from outside).
    P.S. “Best” didn’t just mean the highest return on investment (there were quite a few with forecast ROI >50% pa): they had to make practical sense as well.

  10. Rob Fisher

    Youtube link – great stuff. No time now, I’ll try abd watch it through later. Banks is quite rightly treating these imbeciles with precisely the contempt they deserve. Appallingly dishonest behaviour on their part – useless cnuts.

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