Isn’t this fun?

Arron Banks, who funded Nigel Farage’s Leave.EU campaign, talked about using private investigators to dig up dirt on journalists looking into his business activities, evidence seen by the Observer suggests.

Last week, the Observer published evidence that suggested Leave.EU co-ordinated its social media messaging with the Kremlin, including re-tweeting attacks against journalists and MPs by the Russian embassy.

But shocking new evidence includes emails from the same period in which Banks and Andy Wigmore, Leave.EU’s press spokesman and Banks’s business partner, appear to discuss hunting for “personal stuff” to use against Ian Katz, who was editor of the BBC’s Newsnight at the time.

Investigative journalist, using stolen emails to write her story, complains that journalists might be investigated.

Geese, meet ganders.

6 thoughts on “Isn’t this fun?”

  1. Presstitutes really do consider themselves a sort of wise and enlightened priestly caste – it’s ok when WE do it – when in fact they’re nearly all interchangable midwits whose hot takes could be outsourced to a primitive AI program running on a ZX Spectrum.

  2. The Russia mouse-hole (“gate” is really too big a word) is one of the–if not THE– stupidest example of British leftist media scum aping American leftist media scum that has ever tarnished this country.

  3. Quite, Mr Ecks. Especially considering the Guardian/Observer’s campaigns to influence the US presidential elections. And not just the infamous letter writing stunt. Also the use of the websites to mount a pro-Hillary, pro-Democrat, anti-Trump offshore campaigning platform, totally opaque to US campaign financing rules.

    But on the subject of the post.It would be great fun to see a whole lot more of this. Why should journalists be immune from the sort of character assassinations they dish out to others?

  4. ‘complains that journalists might be investigated’

    They are NOT journalists. They are social journalists.

  5. There was an interview with Cadwalledr on the BBC Media Show a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time I’d heard her speak and she sounded unreasonably pleased with herself. Bordering on overbearingly smug.

    Still, you can’t blame her. She discovered a rewarding seam and naturally wants to mine everything she can out of it while the Observer, Guardian and BBC are paying prepared to pay premium rates.

    In one sense, she’s achieved the alchemists dream, by turning base metal into gold…

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