Nihilist punks not all that bright

Then in April 1988, Bertin and some band members – mostly drug addicts, and several infected with the HIV virus – mounted a major armed robbery with the aim of spending the cash before they died.

They successfully pulled off the heist, stealing 12 million francs (almost €2 million) from a Brinks deposit in Toulouse, western France. No-one was injured in the robbery.

In jeans and a grey shirt, Bertin told the Toulouse court that the heist had taken two years to prepare in order to avoid violence. Despite their anarchist ways, the court was told that the band carried out a “quasi-military” operation to such an extent that police first through they were dealing with hardened gangsters.

However, the group then gave the game away somewhat by ringing the local newspaper to boast of their feat.


7 thoughts on “Nihilist punks not all that bright”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Thirty years on the run. As if moving down the coast to Catalonia can really be called on the run. From which I think we can conclude he was smarter than the French police.

    So he turns himself in after he gets hepatitis? Just in time for free French health care and a pension. Great. Not sure that is a good bargain for the French taxpayer.

    What I don’t get is why a trial at all. He was convicted and given a 10 year sentence. What is he being re-tried for?

    When they said Bertin I thought they meant this guy:

    That would have been a better story. And he probably was Belgium’s answer to the Sex Pistols. After all Daft Punk started out writing what they thought was Gangsta Rap.

  2. Well, I lived in the Aveyron for a while & we certainly regarded ourselves as western France. And Toulouse was to the south-west of us. Unless you mean with a rather pneumatic blonde in an apartment out near Blagnac. 2010 I think that was. Christ she was hot!

  3. So the great euros couldn’t find him until he did the full Butch Cassidy. I say kudos to the nihilists who outsmarted the EU!

  4. Logically armed robbery of a bank is the best thing to do if you are of an age that you are going to need care.

    Succeed and you can park yourself somewhere sunny with lots of money to pay for the care you require; fail and the State stumps up the care in slightly less salubrious environs – but without having to sell off your assets.

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