No, she’s still a student

Moreover, when education becomes something we can buy, return and refund, universities become less accountable.


Micha Frazer-Carroll is the welfare and rights officer at Cambridge University Students’ Union

No, no, it’s OK. She’s a student, we know that she’s ignorant and not yet educated, that’s why she’s a student, right?

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  1. ‘Getting our “money’s worth” is impossible when there’s no simple way to calculate exactly what we pay for. ‘

    Bet you a fiver she supports nationalisation of rail, all healthcare, etc, though. Because ‘calculating what we pay for’ only gets easier at scale, right?

  2. Shibusa–What passes for their brains keeps getting trapped in the hinge between the names.

    Also HTF do you “return” an education?

    Tho’ given all the zombies walking around quite a lot of folk seem to have managed it.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    How can a university be accountable unless it can be forced to refund the fees? I mean what else are they going to do?

    Boiler plate Marxist nonsense. Universities should not be accountable to their students anyway. Their students are too stupid.

  4. Off topic but I see the BBC has gone overboard on its wankfest shroud-waving virtue-signalling Grenfell anniversary coverage.

    I particularly liked the map showing just how lucky we are that we’ve room to house a few people from our own country in our own tower blocks, what with the vast majority of people in Grenfell having hailed from more vibrant parts of the world.

  5. If she’s a sabbatical, she might be a graduate – lots of sabbs get elected in their final year and then do the sabb year after graduation.

  6. John: Radio 2 & Radio 1 too. Didn’t check R4. The local commercial stations down here in Torbay were odd. One had something like a large stonecrushing machine sound, definitely not white or pink noise, & the other was birds twittering.

    It seems that this societal coercion is getting out of hand, like being forced to wear poppies in early November. I’m quite happy to pay a fiver to the British Legion, but I won’t be forced to wear a poppy.

  7. About a million other people, give or take a few thou, have died on this country since Grenfell. Do we get to stop for each of them?

  8. John, Andrew C:
    I am old enough to remember the Omagh bombing. Dead, 42% of those who died in Grenfell. Injured, no statistics known but probably >100%.

    Outpourings of grief: in RoI/NI dignified, restrained, nothing like current emotionally incontinent spasms in London.

    Reasons for difference:
    Omagh is a very long way from London.
    Dead were not mostly from Designated Victim Groups.
    Quite hard to blame the Tories.
    Obvious blame for deliberate murder was to people formerly associated with opposite-to-Tories.

  9. The “Err:” link is broken (couple of extraneous spaces at the start). This should work [Warning: Guardian link]

  10. In theory, an arrangement where Students sold a pup (e.g. given Spud as an economics lecturer), and thus finding themselves unemployable could “return” their degree, and get the tuition refunded wouldn’t be such a bad idea. It would deter universities from offering pointless courses to idiots purely for the money, and it would give them (particularly some of the lower-ranking ones) more of reason to actually care about results.

    However, there are a couple of major practical problems. It’s never going to work on any sort of individual basis (doubtless even some Oxbridge maths grads still manage to end up with careers as dustmen and cleaners, due to their own stupidly/laziness/misfortune), but even if one assess a cohort, it’s nigh on impossible to objectively prove if their university degree did them any good…

  11. @stephen, June 14, 2018 at 9:07 pm


    We silently remember Eniskillien 11/11 too with no histrionics, only dignity.

    PS Omagh: cop retrieving bag of shopping pictured in news – it was not shopping.

  12. “One had something like a large stonecrushing machine sound, definitely not white or pink noise, & the other was birds twittering.”

    Radio stations can’t transmit dead air (or white noise) otherwise some piece of kit in the chain will think the studio, station or link to the transmitter has gone down and starts broadcasting emergency links.

  13. @theProle – you’d also have to consider the case of the various Grievance Studies ‘degrees’. One could sensibly argue that £20k spent on such is a complete waste of money but then one can equally argue that even a school leaver ought to know this.

  14. Someone on another blog (I think the other Tim’s) mentioned that Grenfell is like a 3rd world disaster: the hysteria, the fraud, the exploitation, not to mention the ethnicity of the victims.

    Import the 3rd world etc…

    I still want to know exactly how it started and who started it. Are we going to hear that, or is it just wailing peasants?

  15. Mmmm… Omagh.
    Memories of sitting with a friend in London. Her brother unaccounted for. Turned out, he’d skived off work & gone fishing. Which when she started crying…

  16. @ MC
    We allegedly know that it was started by a fault in an electrical appliance – the lawyer for the guy in whose flat it started has said so. Most of the bits of his speech that were reported was attacking the media for demanding interviews and then smearing him when he didn’t want to talk because he was traumatised.

  17. @ Chris Miller
    I’ve put in a couple of factual comments such as “Trinity subsidises its undergraduates by around 80%”. One person actually thought it worth asking whether that was true (of course it is)

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