Normally I’d be against mob rule

But since the Two Minute Hate is aimed at Trumpistas I’m just fine with it. Emmanuel Goldstein would be beyond the pale, but a Press Spokesman?

Donald Trump’s enforcers have lost the right to civil courtesy
Gary Younge

Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ ejection from the Red Hen restaurant might ordinarily be dubious. But these are no ordinary times

Recall, these are the people who insist it should be illegal to stand outside an abortion clinic and ask those entering whether they really, really, want to kill their own child.

One can have any view you like either way but both seem a bit odd.

23 thoughts on “Normally I’d be against mob rule”

  1. They’ve been calling Republicans Nazi’s since Reagan; the left are used to them just rolling over and accepting it. Trump and his supporters hit back instead, and they’re shitting themselves. Boo f**king hoo.

  2. ‘Donald Trump’s enforcers’

    The Left and the media . . . I repeat myself . . . have created a false characterization of Trump and his administration. They attack this strawman relentlessly, like the good Nazi’s they are.

    How long til Kristallnacht II?

  3. I think Gary Younge lost the right to be treated civilly about three decades ago and given the egregious nature of his crimes he ought really to be keeping a low profile.

    Meanwhile on TRUK, the man who has created his own type of economics excoriates Eurosceptics for over-simpification. I know the De Beers sale was ending but this is a diamond,

    ‘The KISS principle is that people should ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’.

    The problem is that politicians think they have to do just that.

    The result was Brexit, where it seemed that those campaigning for departure (I stress, those campaigning and not necessarily those who voted) believed that it really was simple.

    But it wasn’t: far from it. The idea that it was easily possible just was not true, as the evidence has proven: it’s fiendishly hard. And getting harder as those who thought it simple have had to be re-educated along the way, to the irritation of the EU, Ireland, business, trade unions and many others.

    Whether or not the mess of Brexit will be resolved in the last twenty-four hours before departure remains to be seen. I am now erring towards pessimism. But let’s be clear, important as that issue is, it’s not the big picture.

    The big picture is about the fact that the whole of populism is built on the KISS principle. The idea is that there is a big idea. And it’s simple. And that those who don’t get it are stupid. And are the be reviled as a result.

    That’s how politics is developing.’

  4. They do seem to be leaving themselves nowhere else to go to, apart from violence. Someone they’ve decided if a hate figure is going to get seriously hurt or dead. And then they’ll be saying they brought it on themselves.

  5. @ john 77
    He should have gone to Dealey Plaza. However if you can af’ord’ it can always visit a theatre

  6. I presume you meant to say TRUMP DEATH SQUAD!!! there,Julia? Please keep your terminology & font case in line with liberal values.

  7. @Southerner – I am surprised someone hasn’t had a go at getting cakes with ‘MAGA’ on or ‘Gays for Trump!’ from hipster, liberal bakeries.

  8. 1984 references have been done to death, but it’s still been quite instructive seeing the media segue seamlessly from RUSSIAN COLLUSION to NAZI TRUMP CONCENTRATION CAMPS in coordinated outrage that would make a North Korean synchronised swimming team jealous.

    All of it is the fakest of fake news, and the MSM seems obvious to the fact that it’s pissing away its dwindling social capital fighting a political realignment that is inevitable.

    One of the many benefits of Trumpaggedon (and to a lesser extent, Brexnarok) is how the media’s pretense of being neutral deliverers of information and mainstream opinion is no longer sustainable. They’re finished as the gatekeepers of acceptable public discourse.

  9. ‘But it wasn’t: far from it. The idea that it was easily possible just was not true, as the evidence has proven: it’s fiendishly hard.’

    Nah, not really. A letter to Brussels saying, “We’re out,” would have been easy. UK CHOSE not to keep it simple.

  10. “A letter to Brussels saying, “We’re out,” would have been easy. ”

    Hardly writing a letter for only two words. Surely a post card would have done. For choice one of those seaside, bawdy ones. Two very fat ladies in a deckchair incident with a small French pedlar of onions in a striped jumper.

  11. I was under the impression this was a case of “Management Reserves the Right to Refuse Service”. So if it’s ok for a cake shop to refuse service to poofters, it’s ok for a shop to refuse Trumpistas.

    And vice versa

  12. @ Hal
    The management did NOT refuse to serve poofters – they declined to make a cake that propagandised pooftery. The poofters had previously bought food from that shop without any problem.
    I had (and still do have on the rare occasions when I see them) a couple of friends who are latent gays who choose to be celibate for religious reasons. They do not impose their views on anybody else.
    I do not impose my views on anyone else – but if someone attacks my wife that will change instantaneously.

  13. The unforgivable sin of a journalist is not to be stupid or illogical. It’s being dull. Gary Younge is dull

  14. ‘Hardly writing a letter for only two words. Surely a post card would have done.’

    Trump would have hired sky writers.*

    *He’s that good.

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