Usually huge droves of spectators cramming onto street corners signifies the visit of a high-profile celebrity or member of the Royal family.

But hundreds of people lined the streets of Somerset to watch youngsters ride Vespas, vintage cars and Hummers to a school prom that accepts thousands of guests each year.

What is usually a proud day for parents turned into an event of huge proportions in Midsomer Norton, Avon,

Well, which, Somerset or Avon?

Running from memory M Norton never was in Avon although it might still have a BAx post code. And Avon doesn’t really exist any more anyway.

6 thoughts on “Oh dear”

  1. Avon and Somerset police still exist but generally like most of the 1960s-70s local government changes it departed unloved and unmourned. (See Humberside,Grampian etc)
    Now if we could only get Huntingdonshire Cumberland Westmorland and Banffshire back I would be happy

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