Polly’s error

Brexiteers know that if on Brexit day, the 29 March 2019, everything seizes up, they will be blamed – and they will be done for.


‘ll even happily take all the blame (no, I’m not that important).

For the only way out of such a mess will be unilateral free trade plus a killing of most of the regulation of the economy. Exactly what we should be doing anyway.

Yes, I know, it all sounds a bit Trot, we must destroy in order to create anew. But still.

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  1. If everything seizes up (it won’t), it’ll be entirely the fault of the capricious and vicious EU. Which she supports.

    Personally, I have no truck with supporting vicious and capricious organisations like that, but her L/100km may vary…

  2. “Reasons to believe the hard Brexiters can’t and won’t win are legion. “

    Around the ‘Guardian’ watercooler, that may be true. The real world, though…

  3. “Everything” isn’t going to seize up of it own accord just because we are out from under the tinpot tyranny of the EU.

    If –and it is if–the worst should happen the ESpew combined with the Fish Faced Cow will be responsible.

    And who cares anyway?. We have suffered and survived far worse such as two world wars etc. We weather the storm, stamp our testes back into place and set out on the revenge trail.

    Start by abolishing VAT. And a shitload of regulation etc. The last thing those EU fucks want is a large Hong Kong just offshore. So we should give them exactly that.

  4. The funny thing is remainiacs like Polly getting all damp-gussetted about the EU (that they support) being vicious to the UK and to UK citizens.

    Who would want to be in an organisation they believed capable of that? Unless they’re sadomasochists who revel in the idea of the UK being punished, which is possibly the case for Our Pol.

  5. If everything seizes up, you will be free to fix it.

    ‘Should the 48% remainers – (most polls suggest now 52%) – despair?’

    Yes. Lock themselves in a closet and cry for 3 days.

    52%? She sounds like a Democrat. “You didn’t really win the election.”

  6. “Brexiteers know that if on Brexit day, the 29 March 2019, everything seizes up, they will be blamed – and they will be done for.”

    And when it doesn’t seize up, Polly, you can fuck right off.

  7. I am sure flights to Tuscany will still be available via Private Jet even in the event of a Hard Brexit so she should not worry on that score.

  8. Tim

    I am guessing Spud is travelling or otherwise engaged but he found time to offer a warning of a very real threat to what he sees as a democracy..

    ‘If I am right then I also offer three other ideas. The first is that the Treasury so lacks confidence in the government that it is outsourcing the saving of the economy. Second, this is dangerous: the Bank will, no doubt, deliver another emergency package that will favour the City and those who are associated with it. Thirdly, democracy is imperilled once again.’

    The entire post reads like something from a far right fringe crank website – seriously deranged….

  9. 28 governments have to agree to a deal before then in order to not have problems.
    We cannot get one government to agree very easily. Our own.

    Blame will be bandied about no matter what, any agreement will not cater to the wishes and demands of every MP in every government so expect some to vote against it. And here in Britain expect some to vote against it to cause problems for the Tories.

    Still, at least the Labour leader cannot complain about MPs going against his wishes as leader on a vote, what with him doing the same thing to labour leaders for decades previously.

  10. The funny thing is remainiacs like Polly getting all damp-gussetted about the EU (that they support) being vicious to the UK and to UK citizens.

    Polly is like those women who keep going back to abusive husbands. “But I luv him, officer”, wept Polly.

  11. Still, at least the Labour leader cannot complain about MPs going against his wishes as leader on a vote, what with him doing the same thing to labour leaders for decades previously.

    He can and has, explaining that it was OK because his rebellions were ‘principled’. Really, he has.

  12. @Van Patten

    I always mentally insert the words ‘If I am right, then’ before everything that fat cunt writes. This allows me not to bother reading the rest, freeing up valuable time for more worthwhile pursuits.

  13. “it all sounds a bit Trot, we must destroy in order to create anew. But still.”

    Its not Trot at all, any gardener or countryman will tell you that sometimes you just have to prune everything back to the roots and start again. Sometime neglect (or bad practice) will have created a situation that cannot be recovered, and the only way forward is drastic initial destruction, followed by wiser management of the new growth that follows.

  14. Jim: last autumn I decided the only way to get my hedge back into shape was to hack it all the way back to the wood. It look appalling over the winter, but it has now bushed out and looks healthier than it has in years.

  15. This is silly, of course it will be a giant mess on day 1. Whenever you make a big change all kinds of problems pop up once you go live. However, the serious problems get dealt with quickly, and the less serious ones later on.

    Every single discussion of shortages makes the assumption that with food running low across the country customs will choose to lock up trucks until the paperwork is done, rather than just waive them through and accept a tiny bit of duty/etc might not be collected. Leading to TW entirely correct conclusion that super simple rules are the ones that are simplest to run and cause the least disruption. e.g. set tariffs to zero against all countries and you can stop worrying about the entire rules of origin paperfest.

    Even funnier if we have problems it will be due to poor execution by government, and most of the people writing about this chaos have a universal answer to any problem – more government.

  16. Phillip S T

    Yes excellent as always.

    e-mailed it to my 20 year olds and my daughter who works in the City and is a fan.

    How can he be so loyal to May or May Not?

  17. Philip Scott Thomas

    How can he be so loyal to May or May Not?

    Because he is, above all else, a man of principle and honour. And his principles include loyalty to his party leader, regardless of his personal opinions.

  18. Jim and JGH: Reminds me of the Irish Joke where the yokel, asked the way to Dublin, replies without thinking, ‘Well, Sorr, if I were going there, I wouldn’t start from here, Sorr.’ I always take this as a brilliant reply, and use it many times when trying to extricate people from a mess of their own creation.

  19. Philip Scott Thomas

    There’s an important but easy-to-miss (and wholly unreported) bit in Moggie’s speech. At the last G7 meeting the rest of the group dogpiled on Trump over the tarriffs he was going to impose. He told them he would drop the tariffs in return for bilateral free trade agreements. That suggests that The Donald’s import tariffs aren’t about protection, but are are a club with which to bludgeon Europe into a better deal.

    Never underestimate The Donald’s long game.

  20. Indeed and knowing Trump’s psychology there was an easy win to be had by agreeing to cut tariffs. Unfortunately knowing the EU psychology we are likely to get stuck – if they give him a “win” by agreeing to lower tariffs then the EU seem to think they look weak, and if he is winning surely they must be losing.

    You can have your cake and eat it. The positive-sum nature of trade agreements literally creates free cake. The loud denial of this basic economic truth is just bizarre.

  21. I doubt it will be quite as bad as 1939, never mind 1940. We’ll cope despite the poor preparation.
    Has it occurred to Polly that she might be regarded as a traitor once we are again independent?

  22. Polly is spot on , the Brexit liars care about nothing except hiding visible blame . After all we bumbled along for decades after the war with Nationalised Industries mounting debts and a standard of living slipping ever further behind our neighbours. No-one noticed that it was crap until the 70s, so they’ll just have anew narrative for that

    Atlantic Singapore is not desirable , but even it was , it is not politically possible, of anyone has been watching the show we are in fact moving into a period of increasingly meddlesome government .

    I do think it would be worthwhile to unilaterally declare an acceptance of equivalence for EU capital ( ie passporting ) . Obviously it would be better to be in the EU but this might save some of the lost City Jobs now and increasingly in the future …..Jesus someone remind me why we are trying to impoverish ourselves ?

    Oh yeah because a distillation of the Nations old fat ugly and stupid don`t like foreigners ….


  23. Newmania, we are not trying to impoverish ourselves, we are, to coin a slogan, trying to “take back control”. This is about sovereignty, not trade. For some, sovereignty means simply not being told what to do by a bunch of incompetent, often corrupt, always unelected tax free bureaucrats. For others it is about not allowing all 550m people in EUrope access to the same (generous by comparison) benefits that leads England as the most crowded country in Europe to be unable to cope with the people pressure. Those people of course are called bigots, racists and knuckle dragging colonialists harking back to the days of empire, when they are simply saying what they have been saying for the last decade to the sneering metropolitan snobs and conmen that make up the media/political nexus.
    The fact that so many of the ultra vocal remainers quite literally make most of their money from the EU has not been voiced as loudly as it should be. Roland Rudd who is driving this ‘battle of the bulge’ style last push is a lobbyist, who makes his money being paid by large companies (eg CBI memebers) to lobby in 3* restaurants for rules to protect the crony capitalist class from competition. That is what the single market and Customs union are all about. People didn’t vote to make themselves poorer, but their vote will make this lot poorer, which is the underlying truth of all this.

  24. Oh, and what are the remainers going to call all the other Europeans as they realise (and they are starting to do so) that an open house for all and sundry, MIGHT JUST NOT BE THE OPTIMAL IMMIGRATION POLICY. Merkel a knuckle-dragger too?

    The trade is important, but the sell-out bumsuckers in Brussels are not my idea of a government. They are in the sack with very big business (usually but not necessarily German) and, for the Lord’s sake, the environmentalists!!!

  25. As I recall the arrangements for the referendum were quite elaborate, involving an act of parliament, massive publicity on both sides, the notorious pamphlet sent to every household at our expense (tendentious and misleading as it was), pledges by the then PM, extending the deadline for registration to get more young people in, and so on. But Polly seems to think we should ignore all that and instead only pay heed to a poll in the ironically entitled Independent newspaper (so bereft of support the print edition packed up).

  26. “Jesus someone remind me why we are trying to impoverish ourselves ?”

    Perhaps you should ask all those people who were desperate to leave the British Empire why they wanted to throw away all those economic advantages of being in a large trading bloc. After all they faced losing all their trading connections with the Mother Country, and a very uncertain future (which turned out to be considerably worse than holding on to nurse in many cases), yet no one suggests that perhaps Nigeria should have stayed part of the Empire, or Kenya, or even for that matter New Zealand (who were stabbed in the back by our initial entry in the the (then) EEC).

  27. Its millennium bug time all over again, power grids down, hospitals in chaos, emergency services unable to respond and so on….might be amusing to republish an article from then and swap millennium bug for Brexit and see what it looks like

  28. @Newmania

    Atlantic Singapore is not desirable…


    Would having the 3Rd highest Gdp per capital that bad?

  29. Back again NewRemainiac you facepainting fuck?

    With all this football whatever shit going on I should have thought you would be too busy creaming in your pants with all your faux-patriot sportgasms to be still peddling your defeated whine on here.

    We can’t be Hong Kong cos your Remainiac-sellout BluLabour buddies won’t let us? Fuck off you cheese-stench mould. Once Europe is down Round 2 begins against womiccumalobus shite like you. And when we are done you won’t be quite so prosperous once all the quangos and NGOs are down. In fact you might well be on your arse end and not able to afford even Pound Store quality facepaint or the meths to drink after each goal.

    Cheers to Brexit scumbag and own goal that.

  30. @Philip Scott Thomas, June 22, 2018 at 2:45 pm


    I wrote this when he offered the six dwarfs* free trade:

    Re: If only for a few hours, I agreed with Trump on free trade

    Trump has revealed Free Trade is his desire. However, he knows USA voters won’t support uni-lateral free trade. Thus, he is using his big stick to bludgeon the G7 six dwarfs into dropping their tariffs. Japan appears to support this.

    He’s playing the dwarfs.

    * dwarfs as the GDP of the six combined is less than USA GDP

  31. What Polly doesn’t appreciate is that if trade to the EU freezes the moment we leave, then there are also big problems for the USA and the Chinese and the rest of the world who will be trading with the EU on the same terms as the UK. Somehow, I don’t think that is going to happen.

  32. Polly’s almost as whiny about Brexit as Richard North is.

    If May had a quarter of Trump’s skill, she’d immediately cut corporation tax to 15% – with the promise of more if they continue to fuck us about.

  33. “because a distillation of the Nations old fat ugly and stupid don`t like foreigners”

    Another idiot who doesn’t understand that a lot of people vote the way they do because of arseholes like him.

    As for Trump, he’s a real estate developer who spent much of his life locked in guerrilla warfare with ludicrous bureaucrats enforcing in ludicrous manners ludicrous development restrictions. He’s bound to be a free trader. He knows he could have developed three times as much property for half the price but for said bureaucrats.

    As for Polly, she’s just another leftist who claims to hate “greed” but screams like the pig she is when the hoi polloi vote for freedom over money. Suddenly money is much more important than freedom. And she is almost certainly wrong about losing money because she’s stupid and the safe bet forever has been to choose what she opposed.

  34. Sorry, Polly, this ain’t going to happen.

    I’m working in a large manufacturing company with a large supply chain. They’re putting in contigency for worst case Brexit. Basically, suppliers hold a bit more stock in the UK. And that’s it. Yes, that will cost a bit more. But that’s it. We’re still going to be functioning.

    The sort of companies saying they’re doomed if there’s an hour’s delay at Dover are just crazy IMO. The channel crossing is already a risk of delay. If I really had to get something to Lille in 3 hours, I would move my business to Calais.

    It’s nice to see people like Polly worrying about effects on businesses for the first fucking time. You want to counteract the cost effects of Brexit? I’ll echo Ecks: Scrap VAT, burn mountains of business regulations.

  35. Part of me remembers Y2K.

    The other part thinks that Westminster and Whitehall’s contempt and hatred for us is so advanced, that they really can and will screw it up deliberately to punish us.

    I was always, and remain, willing to endure lesser wealth in order to extricate ourselves from this gang. But that lesser wealth might intentionally be engineered by the poltroons and nincompoops we condescend to elect* would be … would be what? If I’m unwilling either to incite assassination or to commit it, how many more nails on top of nails in the coffin of their fate do I tolerate?

    Like others here, the only noise I want to hear from them is the sound of their begging for their lives.

    It just needs a spark. I yearn for that spark. Trot or not. I feel like a French peasant ca. 1788.

    That quiescence, that silence, those hooded eyes … it’s not assent. It’s mutiny.

    * Saving Your Grace, Sir Humphrey. You is not elected.

  36. @PJF, June 22, 2018 at 11:46 pm

    If May had a quarter of Trump’s skill, she’d immediately cut corporation tax to 15% – with the promise of more if they continue to fuck us about.


    Also, cut income tax by 5%, abolish 45% band and de-regulate & de-fund.

    Problem is May, like far too many MPs, has never worked to earn money, she’s a consume money bureaucrat. Archie Norman (ASDA) was a Conservative MP who wanted change. Stood down as Gov’t ignored him. I can’t see Timpson jr standing again.

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